WATCH: Ina Raymundo's love for Zumba is truly infectious!

WATCH: Ina Raymundo's love for Zumba is truly infectious!

Be inspired by the super fit mom of five's passion for dancing and working out!

It's easy to assume that the super stunning mom of five secret to being ageless is having a direct line to the fountain of youth, but a quick scan of her Instagram is enough to see that her secret is, in fact, lots and lots of Zumba.

The 40-year-old actress shares videos of her working out and it's hard not to be inspired by her youthful energy and positive attitude.

Based on her Instagram posts, she's been a Zumba enthusiast for nearly two years now and in one of her earlier video posts, she cited 10 reasons why she loves Zumba: chief of which is that aside from it being a good workout, one doesn't have to be a good dancer in order to enjoy it.

"It makes you feel young. It makes you feel sexy. It makes you sexy. You get to dance and appreciate different genres of music," continued Ina. "You get your groove back. You bathe in your own sweat (which is not a bad thing). You form a camaraderie among your Zumba-mates. It is so much FUN!"

Even when she's out of the gym, she still manages to sneak in some Zumba, teaching her adorable husband some steps!

More of Ina's Zumba dance moves on the next page!

"Fast Zumba is always more fun, challenging, and more burned calories," wrote Ina in one of her recent video posts.

"This is what I love about Zumba. It's like dancing with a bunch of giddy, happy high school girls. Everyone's having fun!" gushed Ina in the caption of a clip she posted early in 2016 adding that "it's never too late to dance. It's never too late to exercise"

She also recently shared a clip of her dancing to her favorite Drake song and encouraged her 391,000 followers to try Zumba for themselves.

"I encourage everyone to dance. Dance at home with your kids, partner, family, friends, pets, kasambahay or just by yourself. Dancing is a good form of exercise. It's a nice way to connect with your loved ones and it's FREE! Watcha waiting for? Dance na," she wrote alongside an adorable clip of her dancing to Jason Derulo's Want to Want Me while at home with her adorable daughters.

Check out more of Ina's adorable and inspiring Zumba dance moves, here.

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