6 Ways to get your kid to stop begging and whining

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Parents, it's important to put your foot down and take charge

Most parents have experienced this. Your child wants something, and tries to get it from you by needling you endlessly. Sometimes, the whining even escalates to tantrums. This behavior is not just annoying. Left unchecked, this can lead to your child becoming entitled. Here are ways to address and stop your child’s whining and begging, from Modern Mom.

1. Lessen television time

Kids are especially susceptible to television advertising. According to Psychology Today, young children don’t have the cognitive tools to differentiate commercials and television programs, and so are much easier to reel in. Kids are also less likely to be able to tell the difference between advertising and reality, so it’s only natural that your child would end up begging for a toy that she recently saw on TV. Better stick to on-demand programming or DVDs.

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2. Stick to your guns

Your child has to understand that no means no. Giving in will only let your child know that whining works. Your Tango shared five phrases you can use to tell your child that the you mean what you say:

“Asked and answered.”
“I’m done discussing this.”
“This conversation is over.”
“Don’t bring it up again.”
“The decision has been made. If you ask again there will be a consequence.”

Statements like these let your child know that you’re in charge and that your decisions should be respected.

3. Only pay attention to polite requests

Sometimes, what your child is asking for is perfectly reasonable, but the way he’s asking for it is not. If your child is begging for more water, tell your child that they would need to ask politely before you entertain their request.

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