6 Ways to help ease vaginal discomfort after giving birth

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Are problems with vaginal pain and discomfort making your postpartum recovery period difficult? Here are some doctor-approved tips to help make it easier

The months leading up to childbirth are filled with anticipation. As moms prepare to steel themselves to endure labor and delivery, they often overlook the hurdles they will face during the postpartum period.

One common struggle is vaginal pain and discomfort. While popping a pill like Ibuprofen can be a quick solution to pain and cramping, here are a few more ways to soothe your privates post-birth, without using medication.

Spritz down there

Any mom who's experienced vaginal birth will attest to the burning discomfort of peeing due to soreness, swelling or painful stitches. A solution to this would be to keep a handy peri bottle within reach. Remember to fill it with warm water and spray down there while peeing. It's important not to spray directly into the vagina to avoid aggravating the discomfort.

Use a pain relieving spray

Pain relieving sprays are powerful topical anesthetics, which also relieves itching. It also acts a moisturizer that allows the healing process to go more smoothly.

These sprays are usually included by hospitals in their postpartum discharge packages, but if not, there are brands available in local drugstores.

Cool down with ice pads

Some hospitals offer maxi pad-shaped perineal ice pads that new moms can slip into their underwear for soothing relief. Leaving it for 15 to 20 minutes can do wonders at reducing swelling and inflammation.

If you run out of pads, you can always make your own at home. Find out how, here.

6 Ways to help ease vaginal discomfort after giving birth

Enjoy a sitz bath

After bowel movements, soak in a sitz bath, or sitting in a few inches of warm water, to relieve pain in and around your private parts. The warm water will also promote blood flow, thereby hastening the process of healing. You can also add some herbs to it for a more soothing effect. Find out what herbs you can use for a DIY Sitz bath, here.

Maximize your hair dryer

Your hair dryer could also be a tool of pain relief. Just remember to keep it six to eight inches away and to use it after a peri bottle spritz or sitz bath.

Buy extra tea bags

Harness the anti-inflammatory properties of black tea. After dunking a bag in hot water, let it cool, then slip it in your underwear. Just wear a pad to secure it.

Though these are doctor-approved remedies, remember to consult your gynecologist, first before trying anything, to make sure you have a smooth postpartum recovery.

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