What to do when my kid hates school: Tips for Filipino parents

What to do when my kid hates school: Tips for Filipino parents

Have you ever panicked and wondered, "What do I do? My kid hates school!" Relax dear parent, we've got a list of tips to help you and your kid out.

my kid hates school

Every parent probably dreads the day when his or her child says he hates school. When your child hates school, you sometimes feel like there’s nothing you can do.

The truth is though, there are ways you can help your child approach each school day with enthusiasm — or at the very least, with enough ‘happy thoughts’ to do their best at school. Here are some suggestions:

My kid hates school tip#1: Learn with your child

When your child hates school, one of the ways you can help him is to learn with him, or help him learn by setting an example for him to follow.Young children have an intense desire to please their parents and emulate their behavior. It’s a classic case of “monkey see, monkey do” — so let them see you “do!”

Let them see you reading, learning a new hobby, discussing the news with your spouse (and with them in age-appropriate ways) and listening with interest to the events of their day. The two of you can read together, experience museums, exhibits and other cultural events, as well.

My kid hates school tip#2: Be involved

Being involved with your child’s education means you will participate in parent organizations in your child’s school and be pro-active in communicating with your child’s teacher(s) as regards your child’s learning style, progress, social behavior and any problems or issues that may arise.

Take an interest in your child’s progress and activities at school and elsewhere. Being involved also means you will check your child’s homework to make sure they are grasping concepts properly, help them prepare for quizzes/tests by asking them questions, and helping to make sure they know the subject matter discussed in school.

my kid hates school

My kid hates school tip#3: Be firm but encouraging

Every child learns by one or a combination of learning styles. By knowing what your child’s learning style is, you will be able to encourage her educational endeavors by providing an atmosphere conducive to their personality.

As a parent, it is also your job to not allow your child to use their dislike for a subject or subjects as an excuse for not learning, or not being able to understand certain concepts. We understand what we choose to understand, so make it a point to encourage your child to choose to do so.

My kid hates school tip#4: Find out the real reason why your child hates school

One of the reasons your child hates school may be her teacher, so do a thorough investigation. Maybe their personalities are like oil and water, or the teacher’s teaching style is so off from your child’s learning style that they just can’t click. As a result, your child is inattentive, bored, frustrated and possibly even disruptive.

Your child may also have a learning disability. Hearing and vision problems, anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia and the inability to socialize can put major roadblocks in your child’s way. Any of these conditions not only hinders a child’s ability to learn but because he isn’t keeping up with his peers, he may feel inadequate and useless.

Remember, school should be enjoyable rather than tolerable. This is why it is vital that you approach each school day with enthusiasm and comforting reassurance.


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