Which shoes fit your child's personality? Choose a pair at The Playground Store!

Which shoes fit your child's personality? Choose a pair at The Playground Store!

Celebrate the New Year with a youthful heart as you step into a fun childhood adventure at The Playground Store. Choose a pair of kids’ shoes that perfectly blends with your child’s personality!

The official retailer of well-known children’s shoe brands such as Mini Melissa, Mel, Bibi, Salt-Water Kids, and Tip Toey Joey, Playground has been providing kids shoes and accessories since 2017. More than providing products and brands for every child’s footwear need, Playground also supports their development and well-being as they engage in #RealPlay. 

“Take me to the Playground!

Let me run, jump and slide!

Let me stroll, dance and glide!”

Kid-friendly and fun, each store is also a place where children can test out their new shoes, designed to help them walk, run around, and play. With the variety of brands on its roster, you are sure to find a pair for every age and occasion.

The Playground Store at Podium

Playground Podium

For parents with toddlers learning to take their first steps, their babies’ little toes and tender soles will be safe and comfortable in Tip Toey Joey, soft comfortable shoes that are gentle on delicate little feet. 

Tip Toey Joey kids' shoes

Tots who are progressing on their mobility skills, they need the right kind of support from the Fisioflex technology. They can find this in Bibi’s footwear. The brand physiologically designed this line to give the child the feeling of walking barefoot. 

Bibi Kids' Shoes

“See me soar, see me roar, 

Let’s get some sun, and have some fun!”

Little fashionistas can express their budding personal styles with the vibrant colors and trendy styles of Mini Melissa and Mel. These are the children’s line from the iconic Brazilian footwear brand Melissa. 

Mini Melissa Kids' Shoes

For active kids (aged 0-99) who shuffle frequently between sun, sea, & city streets the American heritage brand Salt-Water Sandals offer 100% hand-stitched and water-resistant leather sandals that  will take them places 

And for the more adventurous older kids, Doughnut bags* are designed to be ready for any adventure, from hiking and trekking through nature to exploring the blocks and side-streets of the city. 

Childhood is a journey fuelled by curiosity and possibilities, and a visit to The Playground Store helps parents ensure that their kids’ first step, skip, and jump—plus the many others that follow—are full of fun, magic, comfort, and style.

“Take me to the Playground!

Be who I am, be a better me! 

Healthy, happy, safe and free!”

The Playground Store is located at TriNoma, Robinsons Magnolia, and The Podium. Follow (@thePlaygroundstore) for collection updates, promos & events, and new arrivals. 

*Only available in PG Podium

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