Mom pulls out her own baby during C-Section

Mom pulls out her own baby during C-Section

It’s not everyday that a mom gets the opportunity to pull her own baby out, especially during a C-Section!

Being part of the birthing process is a beautiful experience, whether you are a parent, doctor or among the assisting staff. But when a woman delivers her own baby, it’s something special beyond words.

Woman delivers her own baby!

Emily Dial is a professional midwife. And surprisingly, or not, she worked with the doctors to deliver her own little one via C-section. All the magical photos of this special birth were captured by professional photographer, Sarah Hill.

woman delivers her own baby

Woman delivers her own baby | Image: Facebook, Sarah Hill Photography

When the moment came for her to give birth, doctors made the cut. After that Emily just reached down and pulled out her baby.

Mum Emily Dial shares her experience

woman delivers her own baby

Woman delivers her own baby: Emily Dial is a midwife by profession. | Image: Sarah Hill Photography

This amazing woman delivers her own baby successfully and also shares what it felt like. She says: “It was an incredible feeling to reach down, feel her head, then slowly feel the rest of her coming, but a little strange not being able to feel the rest of my abdomen.

“Lifting her out and seeing her face-to-face is that surreal moment every mum relives the rest of their lives: that moment you are face-to-face with your child and having that moment of awe.”

Woman delivers her own baby: moments captured on camera

woman delivers her own baby

Photographer Sarah Hill captured the wonderful birth. | Image: Sarah Hill Photography

Professional photographer Sarah Hill captured everything in this unusual delivery. Mum Emily Dial was seen wearing gloves for the delivery. There was a screen to protect her. But Sarah could see past it. She shared the breathtakingly beautiful images on her Facebook page.

woman delivers her own baby

Mum Emily Dial after birthing her baby girl | Image: Sarah Hill Photography

Her Facebook post says: “This was by far one of the most incredible days of my life. My amazing midwife Emily Dial not only had a C-Section today but SHE PULLED THE BABY OUT HERSELF!!!!!!

“It was unreal. To say that she is amazing is an understatement. She was meant to bring babies into this world and didn’t let a little thing like a C-Section stop her from delivering her own!

“To watch her colleagues rally around her and make this happen was so beautiful. It was truly an honor to be there and capture this for her and Daniel… And surprise!! It’s a GIRL!!”

woman delivers her own baby

Emily’s baby girl | Image: Sarah Hill Photography

When talking to the media about her unique experience of capturing this delivery, she said: “I just thought it was an amazing story. Emily is one of those people that you meet and just know are extraordinary and I wanted to share that. It’s not everyday a mum gets the opportunity to pull her own baby out, especially during a C-Section.”

How to assist in a sudden delivery

It may not happen very often that you find yourself in a situation where you have to help a woman deliver her baby. But you never know, and it’s always good to be prepared! Read these tips — they might be useful one day.

  • Get help. In case you ever find yourself around a woman ready to deliver, first of all dial the emergency number and call for help. It is better to have someone around, preferably a midwife or a doctor who knows how to handle the situation. Make sure that you keep the door open for the help to come in should they arrive. If you’re driving or in transit and your co-passenger goes into labour, pull over at a safe place.
  • Don’t panic. Yes, that’s really important. While it may be your first time, a sudden birth is not all that uncommon. So, stay as calm as possible. That will also help the mum in labour to feel confident about the situation. Remind her to breathe in and out calmly. You should catch your breath too before you get into action. That can help you relax and focus on the birth.
  • Prep up. Keep hygiene in mind. Wash your hands. Make preparations while keeping the mum’s needs in mind. The floor is the best place to deliver the baby. Keep some towels, curtains, or sheets on hand. Ensure that the mum is comfortable with her position, but allow her to sit, squat or take another position if she wants to.
  • Get ready to catch. Be prepared to catch the baby, and remember, that’s all that you need to do. So, when you see the baby’s head coming out, don’t try to pull it or anything. Just use your hands to cup the little one’s head for support. The baby will turn when it’s fully out.
  • Clean the baby. Wipe away any fluid or membrane from the airway of the baby using a clean towel. Use downward strokes on the nose and mouth. Babies can be really slippery. So, remember to keep a clean sheet or towel to catch the baby.
  • Umbilical cord. There’s no need to worry if the umbilical cord is wound around the baby’s neck. Just untangle it as the baby comes out. Keep the little one’s head close to the mum’s body if the cord is too tight. Don’t think about cutting the cord at this point. Best to leave it to the experts. But in case they don’t arrive, allow the cord to turn white and hard. This may take hours. After that, you can use any sterile knife or scissors to cut it four inches away from the baby.
  • Placenta. Wait for the placenta to come out. That may take approximately 15 minutes after the baby’s out. Again, don’t pull it. When it comes out wrap it in a newspaper or cloth.


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