Woman gives birth in horrendous APEC traffic - mother's and baby's conditions unknown

Woman gives birth in horrendous APEC traffic - mother's and baby's conditions unknown

A bystander's firsthand account of a mother and her newborn's life and death situation brought about by 'APEC traffic'

November 16, 2015 - While most Metro Manila commuters range from being slightly to severely inconvenienced by this week's "APEC traffic", a mother and her newborn faced a life-and-death situation - every pregnant woman's nightmare - in today's gridlock. They did not reach the hospital in time; the baby was delivered on the street.

Earlier this morning, a bystander shared a photo and her account of the woman giving birth on Paranaque City pavement, unable to get to a proper medical facility due to the traffic brought about by APEC road concessions.

Even worse was the alleged lack of concern of a policeman at the scene, who was said to refuse using their vehicle to get the woman and her child the medical attention they sorely needed.

Read the post below for Ms. Angel Ramos-Canoy's firsthand account of what transpired:

5am, We are already on the road. Waiting for a bus/van/jeep na pwdeng masakyan.Until now, nasa kalsada pa rin...

Posted by Angel Ramos-Canoy on Sunday, November 15, 2015


The condition of both mom and baby are unknown as of this writing.

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