Working women are thinking of changing or leaving work

Working women are thinking of changing or leaving work

“We can make work work for women and men,”

There was a study that was released recently that due to COVID 19. Most working women are now seriously considering downsizing their careers, changing their paths, or leaving the work all together. The number is now one in four women that are thinking seriously about it according to Lean In and McKinsey & Company.

What maybe the reason?

Lean In founder and Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg says to CNBC that, “I think what’s happening is this report confirms what people have suspected, but we haven’t really had the data, which is that the coronavirus is hitting women incredibly hard and really risks undoing the progress we’ve made for women in the workforce.”

Even before the pandemic, mothers were the ones that were already doing a double shift and double the work than that of their male counterparts. Ms. Sandberg also says, most women feel like they’re being judged for being involved with their caregiving responsibilities. Which takes us back “decades before when you didn’t talk about your kids at work. Because someone would think you weren’t dedicated.” That might be the cause of  women leaving work or stop working.

working women leaving work

“We can make work work for women and men,” she says. | Image from Business photo created by senivpetro –

It is undeniable that women in the work place work twice as hard for a shot at even the C-levels of corporations. These have been opened up more recently, and we’re lucky that the Philippines is thought of to be one of the more progressive countries to have more women in management positions.

Now of course since we are all home, the dynamic has again changed in the home base. Because everyone now has to adjust for home based working as well as school of the child or children. This is definitely a doubly hard situation to get used to, and mothers everywhere are slowly getting burned out.


Want to learn more? CLICK HERE to see how you can help a fellow mom who you see is burning out. 




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