1-Year-old dies from injuries after being beaten to death

1-Year-old dies from injuries after being beaten to death

According to the father, he left his daughter under the care of a friend named Cristine, whom he maintains was responsible for the child's death.

Princess, a one-year-old from Bataan, died from her injuries after she was allegedly beaten to death. It is always tragic when a child dies, but it is even more so when the child's own father is the suspected murderer.

A helpless 1-year-old was beaten to death

According to Princess' mother, Catherine, her live-in partner and Princess' father, Joerdon, was overprotective, especially over their daughter.

She shares,"Nagagalit po siya (Joerdan) kapag kinakarga ng iba. Hindi po namin pinapayagan na magkapasa 'yun, gasgas. Tapos kapag may lamok, nagagalit siya (Joerdan) sa akin. Masyado po siyang maselan sa anak niya."

That's why Catherine didn't expect that their one-year-old daughter would be the victim of a heinous crime.

The father said he left their child under the care of a friend

Last November 17, 2017, Catherine rushed to the hospital after she was told that her daughter was taken there by her husband.

When she saw her daughter, she was devastated to see that her beloved daughter was already dead, with numerous injuries throughout her body.

Her apparent cause of death was due to blunt traumatic injury, which meant that someone beat her to death.

Police officers questioned Joerdon, who told them that he had left their daughter with a friend, Cristine. He claimed that he had to step out to pick up money that was sent to him. When he came back home, he said that Cristine was nowhere to be found, and his daughter was unresponsive.

However, Joerdon's stories didn't match up, as it was discovered that Joerdon didn't even pick up any money. He was also unable to tell where Cristine could be found.

The local police filed a parricide case, and Joerdon was found guilty of killing his own daughter. Until now, he maintains that he is innocent.

Sadly, even if justice was served, the fact remains that Princess was killed by her own father, who swore to protect and take care of her.


*Names have been changed in order to protect the privacy of the victim and her family.

Source: news.abs-cbn.com

Photos screen capped from: news.abs-cbn.com

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