Zoom games for kids: A new way to help your child's social development

Zoom games for kids: A new way to help your child's social development

In this new normal we are all living in, one of things that has fallen by the wayside is definitely social interaction. Sadly this impacts no one more than children, as they need this social interaction as part of their development when growing up. This is integral in their learning process about how to act and behave.

But given we are all now taking precautions and being safe with social distancing, what can we do? We get creative. Zoom games for kids a great new way for them to still interact, and build those social skills through games!

Zoom comes to the rescue!

We are sure that while the grownups may have Zoom fatigue already, the kids certainly do not, even if they are in school online. But how can we use platforms like Zoom creatively and to our children’s benefit?

We play GAMES! We can tweak the old social games to fit the new normal. How? Just basically play it online! Having Zoom games for kids can enable them to play games with their friends and family online.


Zoom Games for Kids

There are ways to help keep up your child’s social developmemt


What Games Can They Play?

Do you remember the games played when you were younger, like Rock, Paper, Scissors or bato bato pick?  Kids can play those online now. It is the interaction you are after to help them develop social skills and these games will help mold that.

What are the examples of games that can be played online? Here are some easy ideas:

  • Rock, paper, scissors – This game is pretty simple. This can be two players and they can “battle” it out to see who gets to score 10 points first.
  • Simon Says – Pick someone from the group that is “Simon”. He or she is basically the boss! They will give out instructions with the phrase “Simon says” before the instruction. Example: “Simon says, dance for 5 seconds!” Everyone will have to do it. But if there is no “Simon says” in the beginning of the instruction, then it means they should not do it. If a player does something, without the phrase “Simon Says”, then they lose and have to sit it out until a winner becomes the next “Simon”.
  • Workout Game – This is pretty easy and great for those toddlers! You can put on some music and tell the kids to dance, or even do a few stretches to help them limber up. This is a great way to get those little limbs moving!
  • Charades – Before the game starts, all players should be pick the topic of what will be acted out. A player will get a point if they guess what is being acted out correctly. Example: the word that needs to be acted out is BIRD. The first player that gets the answer correctly gets a point. Whomever has the most points at the end of the game, wins!
  • Guess the Sound – This will require all the players to cover the camera on the gadget. One person will make a sound, for example, a COW. The players need to get what it is and whomever is first, gets a point!
  • Once Upon a Time – These are for those kids that love to tell stories. Each child or participant can only give one line. So, someone will start with the line, “Once Upon a time”, and then the next kid will have to continue with only one line, and so forth. The stories get a little silly so get ready for giggles!
  • Silly Faces – As the name suggests, this is a silly game and will require players to make silly faces! But, the way this game is played is someone gives instructions, example, “put your foot up to your ear”. Once everyone has done it onscreen they have to hold for a screenshot!
  • Name a Place, Animal or Thing – Giving the brain a little bit of exercise, you can give the kids that are participating a letter of the alphabet. Then ask the kids in turn to name Places, Animals, or things that starts with that letter. The one that comes up with the most wins!
  • What’s Your Talent? – This is a “getting to know you” game. You can ask the kids that are participating what they think their talent is. Encourage them to act it out so that the other kids can see as well and ask questions.

Zoom Games for Kids

A new way of playing

Try it at Home!

This next weekend, you should try a group call with all your kids, nieces and nephews, or even your friends’ kids so you can try one or two of these games out! Remember that playing is also a crucial part of development for kids and Zoom games for kids may just help hone these skills. During this time of COVID 19 and social distancing, should not stop that. We just need to find new ways of interacting and using digital platforms for makes it easier. Have fun!

If you want to read on what other games to play, especially during a brown out, read about 5 Fun Ideas here.

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