10 Xbox 360 Games for Kids

10 Xbox 360 Games for Kids

Below is a list of games that I would recommend for kids to play with the Xbox 360:

10 Xbox 360 Games for Kids

Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s second offering in the video console market. Below is a list of games that I would recommend for kids to play with this game console:


Xbox360-MonopolyThis classic game is great way to bring the whole family together. Everyone’s most probably familiar with the mechanics of the game. Players have to amass great amounts of cash and real estate property while trying to put others out of business. The traditional Atlantic City board is still there along with nine other boards that feature a broad range of themes.

Recommended for: ages 6 and up

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Xbox360-Banjo-Kazooie-Nuts and BoltsThe famous duo is featured in this truly innovative game that will test any child’s creative thinking and logical skills. Players need to solve puzzles and build vehicles using simple tools as they go on an adventure across six worlds. Missions require players to be creative, making it really fun and challenging.

Recommended for: ages 8 and up

You’re in the Movies

Xbox360-You're In The MoviesThis is a perfect game to bring your kids out of their inhibitions. The game features a Vision Camera where players will do pretty crazy and wild moves like dancing, shaking or jumping. Scores are given for each player but it is clearly not very competitive. Crazy moves that players did in the mini games will then be compiled to make an amusing movie. Great for anyone in your family who plans to be a movie star!

Recommended for: All ages

Viva Pinata

Xbox360-Viva PinataA highly addictive game with very colorful visuals that your kids will surely love. Players will be required to harness their skills in “gardening” because in Pinata Island those colorful papier mache party items are not constructed out of paper but are either captured or grown.

Recommended for: ages 4 and up

Marvel Ultimate Alliance II: Fusion

Xbox360-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2Kids will love this power-packed game as they can choose to be any one of their favorite Marvel superheroes. The latest game that features the Marvel Comics heroes is called Fusion because two players can play cooperatively and combine their powers to fight the bad guys. This will definitely be fun and challenging for your kids, especially your boys who are hero-wannabes.

Recommended for: Boys, ages 9 and up

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Xbox360-Lego Star WarsIf you and your kids are fans of the Star Wars movies, then your whole family will surely love this game. Players can act out as any one the movie characters that are featured in this game as adorable little Lego people. With its varied gameplay that are simple and easy to play, you will definitely have a great time reminiscing scenes from this famous saga.

Recommended for: ages 6 and up

Kung Fu Panda

Xbox360-Kung Fu PandaI loved Kung Fu Panda the movie and so did millions of kids. So I am sure that this video game, featuring our lovable Po, will bring lots of fun for your kids. Players have to tackle thirteen levels which are all based on the scenes from the movie. They have to master kung fu skills to defeat Tai Lung, Po’s enemy. This is a game that your kids will really enjoy.

Recommended for: Boys, ages 7 and up

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Xbox360-Madagascar Escape 2 AfricaThis game will transport your kids into the wilds of Africa as they pretend to be Marty or any one of the funny and cute characters of the Madagascar movie series. Players are required to tackle twelve levels that are loaded with fun, action and excitement.

Recommended for: ages 8 and up


Xbox360-Pirates!Pirates! is a fun and exciting game that will give your kids lots of tasks to do which they can tackle in a variety of creative ways. They will surely think that this is better than playing with toy ships in the bath tub. In very simple and easy ways, they can control their character while they sail over seas and battle with other pirates. While playing this game, they will get a chance to learn some things about geography and history. Some parts of the game feature violence but in a cartoony kind of way. But just make sure that you provide guidance for your kids on this.

Recommended for: Boys, ages 9 and up

Guitar Hero 5

Xbox360-Guitar Hero 5The latest from the Guitar Hero franchise gives its players the latest in the world of rock and roll. Kids who love music and bands will find this game truly amazing as they can customize their band members, instruments, and look. Aspiring guitar players can use this game as a way to practice their skill.

Recommended for: ages 10 and up




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