4D Ultrasound: Take a sneak peek at your baby with this!

4D Ultrasound: Take a sneak peek at your baby with this!

Looking forward to getting an ultrasound but confused with the 2d, 3d and 4d ultrasound? Read this to know what the difference is!

4D ultrasound price Philippines and everything you need to know!

A trip to the OB GYN is exciting especially because of ultrasounds. Thanks to the 2d, 3d, and 4d ultrasound, parents can envision how their baby will look. For an expecting parent, there is nothing more exciting than giving birth. The ultrasound just makes the wait a bit more bearable as ultrasounds happen more frequently when it approaches the due date.


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It is standard for OB GYN’s to do 2d ultrasound instead of a 4d ultrasound because it is what is necessary for them to check if the internal organs are complete and developing at the normal rate. Also, a specialized technology makes 3d and 4d ultrasound quite expensive so medical facilities only invest in one or two machines. In which case, parents may have to pay extra to get a glimpse of their baby through the 4d ultrasound.

Doctors do not usually require their expectant moms to undergo a 4d ultrasound. Depending on which hospital or clinic, a 3d or 4d ultrasound will cost about P2,500 and above. The 4d ultrasound will be more costly because it usually comes with a CD or DVD of the recorded images.

The Difference

The three types of ultrasounds are very different from each other. The 2d ultrasound can detect the outline of the fetus so the images will appear flat and it can only see the internal organs.

A 3d ultrasound gives you a clearer image of the fetus as it can sense the external features. This ultrasound has been very helpful in detecting cleft lips. A 4d ultrasound is similar to the 3d except it is a video. The footage captured is put together therefore producing a more vivid image of the baby’s face.

Is it safe for me and the baby?


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For many years now, doctors rely on ultrasounds to check up on the unborn baby. No evidence has been found to suggest that it is harmful. A 4d ultrasound is just as safe as a 2d ultrasound because it uses sound waves that go through the womb and bounce off the baby to create the clearest image possible.

Though heat is transferred in order to capture the image, the body temperature will only rise by one degree C which is considered safe for the mother and for the baby. It helps that amniotic fluid is there to help spread the heat. The cold gel that is rubbed on the belly is also to help keep it cool and to make the movements smoother.

You may read more about the ultrasound being safe for your baby here.

4D Ultrasound price Philippines

Perpetual Succor Hospital

CAS with 3D/4D and 5D (Luminance):  3,500

CAS with 3D/4D and 5D (Luminance) for twins:  4,500

First Peek Ob-Gyn

Bundle of Wonder – 2950

In My Womb

Ruby Package 4D: Php4,700

Diamond Package 4D: Php7,200

Developmental Package 4D: Php16,000

Platinum Package 4D: Php12,000

Silver Spoon Package 4D: Php20,000

The Baby Ultrasound Company

4D Gold Package: Php3,500

4D Platinum Package: Php4,500

W.O.M.B – World Of My Baby

My Amazing World in 4D: Php4,500

  • 5 thermal prints
  • 5 5R colored photos

My Precious World in 4D: Php 5000

  • With OB diagnostic report


Ogusca OB-GYN Ultrasound Center

3D/4D with fetal biophysical profile score: Php4,800

3D/4D ultrasound with congenital anomaly scan: Php6,000


When should I get a 4d ultrasound?


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Compared to a 4d ultrasound, the 2d ultrasound is done repeatedly in order for parents to get a clear image of the facial features. So, when going for a 4d ultrasound, it is best done when the baby is around 26-30 weeks old. The 26th the baby’s head may go down and it will be difficult to view the face through the ultrasound.

Doctors are most likely to inform the parents when it is time to get an ultrasound. As part of the monitoring of the fetus, mothers get ultrasounds during the first, second, and third trimesters. Doctors usually just recommend when it is good to get a 3d or 4d ultrasound but will not require it. It is best to listen to them because they know which positions the facial features will be visible through the 3d or 4d ultrasounds.


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