5 things that second-time moms do differently

5 things that second-time moms do differently

First-time moms are usually very enthusiastic and excited when it comes to their kids. Second-time moms though, they're practically experts!


1. You'll stop dressing them up in ridiculous outfits

Let's face it, your firstborn will most likely be your "guinea pig" when it comes to your fashion experiments. For your second kid though, they're safe from the embarrassment... usually.

2. Germs? What germs?

For first-time moms, germs are a huge scare. You'll spend most of your days cleaning and making sure that your home is free from 99.9% of germs (well that's the goal.) After your first kid though, you'll learn to ease up on being a germophobe.

3. Your definition of what's "clean" will change

Speaking of cleaning, it's hard to take care of two kids whilst doing the laundry, the dishes, and keeping your house clean. For efficiency's sake (and for your well-being) you'll figure out that you some of the dishes can just stay in the sink for a couple of days before washing them.

4. You'll give up documenting every little detail of their childhood

First-time moms are very eager when it comes to documenting each and every milestone that their kids have. Your second kid might not be as fortunate since you'll be more focused on making sure that both of your kids aren't crying and that they're not making a mess when you leave them alone.

5. You'll stop worrying too much

Moms are always going to be worried about their kids, and first-time moms worry a lot. Second-time moms on the other hand, they're more relaxed and composed. They know exactly what to do and they already got over the fears that they had during the first time they had a kid.


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