6 Housing Interior Tricks To Raise Your Productivity

6 Housing Interior Tricks To Raise Your Productivity

Don't let work burrow its way into your bed—these few tricks can help.

With many still staying home in the midst of a pandemic, there can be a temptation to let work burrow its way into our beds.

In such a situation, what are some things we can do to raise productivity levels at home? These few tricks can help.

1. Make your bed in the morning


When you make your bed in the morning, you’re accomplishing your first task of the day. | Image source: 99.co

The act of folding your blanket, arranging your pillows, and smoothing down your covers are satisfying. Not just because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but because it’s an accomplishment of the first task of the day. You’ll find it harder to go back to sleep when you see your bed looking tidy.

Admiral William McRaven made an impactful speech about how making your bed will “give you a small sense of pride“, which will “encourage you to do another task and another and another.” “And if by chance you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made – that you made – and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.

It’s already hard to get up in the morning. Don’t give yourself another reason to get back under your covers by not making your bed.

2. Good lighting makes for better productivity


Working from home tips for success: A well-lit room with good ventilation will instantly elevate your energy to finish your daily tasks. | Image source: 99.co

Ever wondered why cafes are usually more crowded in the afternoon? From noon until around three p.m., the sun is at its highest. The golden hour, so they say, is a great motivator and speeds up productivity.

So, I recommend opening your windows at the start of your day. (Right after you make your bed, of course!) You’re not just letting more light in when you do this, but also air. A well-lit room with good ventilation will instantly elevate your energy to finish your daily tasks.

However, opening the window is not the only solution. Getting more mirrors will help, too. Place them in strategic areas like adjacent to your window where it can reflect the sunlight well. It might illuminate more than your room, but your mind as well.

3. Find a separate workspace


Having a built-in office or study room doesn’t cost much at all. | Image source: 99.co

The perfect workspace is different for each individual. Some work best in the kitchen where the coffee’s at or on their beds where they can lay comfortably. The magic doesn’t always happen in those places, though.

A study room or an office with its own desk and file drawers (or bookshelves) can also guarantee maximum productivity. Maybe it’s because we spent years sat our desks in school, but I found that having a specific space that’s purely for work really helps with my concentration.

If you’re the same, you can consider requesting a built-in office or study room with your interior designer. Just make sure not to bring any distracting gadgets like TV or video games.

4. Practice the KonMari method for your work desk


A clean desk leads to a clear mind, which helps boost productivity. | Image source: 99.co

Decluttering your desk is equivalent to decluttering your mind. If you want to complete your daily to-do list, cleaning your workspace is a good place to start. Just like making your bed first thing in the morning, make cleaning your desk your first work goal before you really get on with business.

You can follow one Japanese lady’s spark-joy metric to organise your desk efficiently. Beware of getting too caught up with practicing the KonMari method than your actual business, though.

5. Take frequent breaks


Working from home tips for success: Take a break and find some movement to refresh your mind. It’ll help you come up with new ideas. | Image source: 99.co

Contrary to popular belief, taking breaks actually help with being more productive. Some think that it’s a distraction, but being intentional with breaks in between work commitments help with generating new ideas. Every 60 minutes or so, get up from your (now clean) desk and do something unrelated to your work.

Watch a few minutes of your favourite TV series or read a book. Better yet, find some movement: take a walk outside, stretch a bit, or do light exercises. These will renew your mind and clear your stress so that when you finally sit back down to do work, you’re coming from a fresh perspective.

Breaks are important. Have them.


Working from home tips for success: Practicing good habits can really increase your productivity. | Image source: 99.co

For the next time you find yourself rushing a deadline for school or office, apply these practices for maximum productivity. It will make you feel better about yourself, which is one step closer to achieving success.

This article was first published on 99.co and republished on theAsianparent Singapore with permission.


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