7 things that increase your chances of having twins

7 things that increase your chances of having twins

If you want twins, here are 7 things that might help. And if you are scared of having twins, come on! Twins are awesome!

I love twins. But then, I am a dad. I have spoken to many women who absolutely dread twin pregnancy. There is twice the work involved, and you cannot really balance a career and twins without help. But some do want to increase their chances of having twins.

Having twins means both your kids grow up simultaneously. If you want just two kids, you can concentrate on losing the baby weight without worrying about going through all that all over again!

I am kidding. Pregnancy and twins are more than just this. The thing is, some want twins while others don't. So, this article is useful for both. So do you want to increase your chances of having twins? But before we go there, let us quickly see why people have twins.

What causes twins?

If there is more than 1 baby growing in the uterus, it is termed as a multiple pregnancy. For this to happen, there needs to be more than one ovum as a rule. So, there might be two ova that are fertilized by two sperms, leading to non-identical or fraternal twins. But sometimes, a fertilised egg splits into two, and this causes identical twins.

There are a few genetic and environmental conditions that may cause this, and we are going to have a look them. So, if you have/do these 11 things, the chances of having twins increases. And if you don't want twins, you can try and avoid them. While these things are not fool-proof, most of these are scientifically-backed. They will increase your chances of having twins, in case you want them!

1. Go for a woman who has twins in her family.

Women who have multiple pregnancies in their family are more likely to have twins themselves. This does not necessarily transcend to men. So guys, if you want your own set of twins, find a woman with a family history of twins.

2.  A late pregnancy

Late pregnancies have a higher chance of being a multiple one. While this is just a chance, you can take it. The downside is, you will be monitored more than usual if you have a late pregnancy. That said, many women conceive and deliver healthy babies in their late 30s

3. IVF

Chances of multiple pregnancies increase with assisted techniques. The reason is, your uterus is primed for pregnancy by use of hormones and vitamins. And to increase the chances, more than 1 embryos are implanted. So, if they take, you can have twins or even triplets. That said, this is not anyone's method of choice of becoming pregnant.

4. Being a twin

If you were born with one, chances of you begetting one are high. This is again true, especially for women, as the ovum is the factor responsible for twins, not the sperm.

5. Being slightly overweight

It has been observed that women who have a BMI more than 30 end up having multiple pregnancies. The exact reason is not known, but a conjecture is that the hormones may cause multiple ovulations in one cycle, causing multiple pregnancies. That said, don't put on weight just for this, as this is not considered to be a healthy BMI.

6. Being tall

Again, this is a funny thing, but taller women tend to have twins more often than short ones.

7. If you previously have had twins

If you have had a multiple pregnancy before, chances are, you might have twins again!

So, can petite young women who have no family history of twins, have twins? Absolutely. However, the statistical chances of that happening are a tad bit lower. That said, if you are destined to have twins, you will have them!

Things that are NOT going to increase your chances of having twins

While there are things associated with a twin pregnancy, there are many myths about it as well. Here are the 3 things that are not going to cause a multiple pregnancy.

  1. Eating dairy/meat at the time of ovulation. There is no scientific basis for this assumption, nor is it supported by observational studies.
  2. Alternative therapies. Naturopathy, acupuncture, or anything alike is not going to ensure that you have a twin pregnancy.
  3. Pregnancy spells. Sorry to mention it here, but many desperate couples try out everything to get pregnant, and a few people exploit this situation. So if you come across a 'saint' on Facebook who claims that he can cast a pregnancy spell on you for a few hundred dollars, don't believe him. Please.

Moms and dads, these things are purely scientific observations. However, I suggest that falling in love and then getting married is much more important than just looking for physical aspects while you enter in a relationship. Children may or may not happen, but the more important thing here is finding a partner you can spend the life with.

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Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore


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