Adding more fruits and veggies in your diet can make you happier!

Adding more fruits and veggies in your diet can make you happier!

Aside from being tasty, and good for your health, who would have known that fruits and veggies can also make you feel happier? Amazing!

All of us know that fruits and veggies are important in any healthy diet. And recently, researchers found out that fruits and veggies can also improve your psychological well-being.

Fruits can boost your motivation, and improve your well-being

Dr. Tamlin Conner, of the Department of Psychology at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and her colleagues found that giving extra fruits and veggies to young adults for 2 weeks helped boost their motivation, and improved their well-being.

Recent studies have said that having more fruits and vegetables can improve a person's mental health, so Dr. Conner and her colleagues set out to investigate if these studies were actually true.

The researchers did the test on 171 students who were aged 18-25, and were divided into 3 groups for a span of 2 weeks.

One group ate their regular diet, the second group was given 2 extra servings of fruits and vegetables that they were required to eat, and the third group was given vouchers to buy veggies and fruits, and received text reminders for them to eat said vegetables and fruits.

The researchers found out that those who were given 2 extra servings of fruits and vegetables had improvements when it came to their vitality, motivation, and flourishing.

The 2 other groups didn't show any difference when it came to their mental health.

Fruits and vegetables are a part of a healthy diet

The study just goes to show how important it is for parents to make sure that their children have at least 2 servings of healthy fruits and vegetables in their daily intake.

Not only do fruits and vegetables help boost a child's immune system, and keep them healthy, it also keeps children motivated, and can potentially help children deal with stress, and other mental health concerns.

Having a sound mind in addition to a sound body is highly important, as a person's mindset can definitely have an impact on their overall health.

Parents who feel stressed out at work, or are stressed out because of handling the household can also benefit from eating extra fruits and vegetables. It can help them to be less stressed, and have a clearer mind when it comes to handling problems.

That's why parents should make it a point to always add fruits and vegetables to all of their family's meals.


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