ALDUB Ever After: Filipino parents' dream for their children

ALDUB Ever After: Filipino parents' dream for their children

Watch how the AlDub Ever After story unfolds through their TV endorsements.

AlDub's story reads like a fairy tale - just how Filipino parents wish the love story of their children will eventually unfold: a modest and steady courtship that blossoms into happily ever after. Their story is praised for being true to the Filipino values that parents want to instill in their children. In fact, the poster for Filipino Values Month, which is celebrated every November, looks like AlDub together with Lola Nidora.

A great way to watch their relationship progress is to watch their commercials on TV. AlDub has kept fans waiting not only for the next chapter of their love story but even for their TV commercials. AlDub fan Angel Charm nailed it when she tweeted a response to Ryan Agoncillo's list of Aldub endorsements:

(Wow!!! This is what it feels like to want to watch TV commercials, even though you didn't like commercials before.)

Both global and local brands have capitalized on the couple's down-to-earth charm, good looks and natural talent. The pair's wholesome image adds to their wide reach because the whole family can watch. Let's take a look at their endorsements - and feel kilig while we're at it.

McDonald's #AlDubkoto
This was their first TV commercial, which still followed the split-screen format. It features the song "Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal," which is a great message to hear instead of television series about mistresses and infidelity.

Their 2nd McDo ad features the same song as the first. Did you notice the name of the taxi that Maine decided not to ride? It's a subtle reminder to wait for the "right one" to come along.

Their latest commercial for the international fast food chain reminds viewers that love should be true and sincere.

Downy #DownyRuBAEDUBango
The pabebe wave is so sweet, it is the kind of public display of affection that parents would approve. Flowers for extra brownie points!
Talk N' Text
Because "God Gave Me You."

This claims to be the most-awaited AlDub TVC... so far! Weddings can be expensive but most parents still want to see their children walk down the aisle to start their journey together.
What is your idea of AlDub Ever After?

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