Assunta to husband: No to senate if you want a baby

Assunta to husband: No to senate if you want a baby

Assunta de Rossi is in a rush to have a baby this year. The thirty-five year old actress, who has been married to Jules Ledesma for thirteen years, wants to focus all the attention towards getting pregnant.

They have remained childless in their 13 years of marriage, but Assunta de Rossi is determined to get pregnant this year.

In an article by Rommel Gonzales of, Assunta admitted she has physical problems that have prevented her from getting pregnant. These are the highlights of Gonzalez's article.

“I have so many problems kasi physically," the 35 year-old actress said, adding that her doctor has assured her she can still get pregnant.

“Puwede daw. Kailangan lang may mga ayusin," she said.

"Hahayaan ko na lang yung doctor ko na lang umayos,” she added.

("It is possible. Something just needs to be fixed. I will just let my doctor fix it.")

The couple got married on December 14, 2002 when Assunta was 19 years old and Jules was 41. Jules has two children, Cristina and Julio Carlos, from a previous relationship.

No immediate plans to run for Senate

Assunta is so bent on having a child that she even asked her husband, Congressman Jules Ledesma, not to run for Senate so that they could focus on building a family together.

The legislator, who is 19 years older then Assunta, ended his third term as representative of Negros Occidental.

“Ayoko. Kung gusto niyang magkaanak, itigil na niya ang kalokohang ito,” Assunta said with a laugh.

("I don't want that. If he wants to have a child, he has to stop this foolishness.")

“So sabi ko, ‘Gusto mo bang magkaanak?’

“'Tapos sabi niya, ‘Hindi, hindi na! Gusto ko na rin,’ sabi niya,” quoted Assunta.

("I asked him, 'Do you want to have a child?' And he said I won't [run for senate anymore]. I also want [a baby].")

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Land distribution plans

Aside from the pregnancy plan, Assunta revealed that they also need to focus on their business and consolidating the two estates of the Ledesma family.

“At saka kailangan niya ring mag-focus din sa negosyo kasi, ano ba tawag dito? Kinu-consolidate din namin kasi yung two estates, kaming mag-asawa na lang ang may control over the two estates," she said.

("He also needs to focus on our business. We are consolidating the two estates. We are the only ones who have control over the two estates.")

In 2013, the former actress announced that she and Jules would be giving away 60% of their vast property in San Carlos, Negros Occidental to the workers of their sugar plantation.

The property in question, two estates in San Carlos, cover 28 square meters of land-- just slightly bigger than Makati's 27.36 square meters.

“So ang tedious niya, e. Ipamimigay din naman namin sa workers but it’s really, really tedious. Hindi puwedeng mahati yung atensiyon,” Assunta said.

("It's tedious. We are really going to give it to the workers...attention cannot be divided.")

According to her, they are in the process of consolidating the two estates, which are currently under two separate companies.

The over 100-year-old ancestral home Hacienda Fortuna is under Ledesma Hermanos, while Hacienda Euzkara is under Gamboa Hermanos, Inc..

“Euzkara, it means land of the vasts. It was owned by the Gamboa family before the Ledesmas bought this in 1960," Assunta explained.

“Parang magiging isang pangalan na lang, and it’s very tedious,' she also said.

("It will be as if they will be under one name...")

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