Being a Mom Widens Your Circle of Friends

Being a Mom Widens Your Circle of Friends

A new survey says that moms have better social life than before they got kids. After giving birth, women's circle of friends usually grew larger.

Widen your circle of friends

Learn how being a mother opens more doors to friendship

Does it seem like your social life is down to zero after having kids? If you say yes, then you’re not normal. Well, that’s according to a British survey conducted among new mothers.

According to UPI, non-profit CLIC Sargent asked 4,000 new moms and found that despite having lost contact with old friends, these women gained new ones. So if you feel left out because you still haven’t got new ones after your first kid, then it’s your fault. Because this survey proves that you should actually be making more friends now.

Where you’re most likely to find these new friends? Well, the top 10 places in their list are school playgrounds, mother and baby groups, daycare centers, coffee mornings, childbirth classes, school plays and concerts, exercise classes and health clubs, church, village halls and fundraising events.

Honestly, if you look at the list, you will notice that half of these doesn’t really have anything to do with motherhood. So making friends or losing them doesn’t really depend on whether you have kids or not. It all depends on how you make yourself visible to people. You don’t really have to wait to be a mom before you start making new friends.

I guess one big reason why this survey is weird is because it comes from an organization that’s involved with childhood cancer. Anyway, how’s your social life now that you have kids? Is it any different from the way it was before?

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