Helpful aid in relieving your child's eczema

Helpful aid in relieving your child's eczema

Dry skin and flare-ups can deprive our kids of more than just their confidence. Finding affordable relief that your child responds to can be an impossible task, but now there’s hope.

Eczema is no fun for anyone. Children suffer, and it’s not easy for parents either. When we see our children in pain or discomfort, we instantly want to alleviate their suffering. It can be even more disheartening to see our children missing out on fun activities like swimming or playing with their friends because of eczema.

It is easy to search online for the best solution for child eczema and merely follow the instructions to correct the situation. But oftentimes, your child may not respond to the treatment, or the remedy may have limited success. This is a common experience for mothers of kids with eczema. According to the National Eczema Association, “some people find that even when they do all the ‘right’ things, their eczema still flares. Eczema can be an unpredictable disease, and there is much still to learn about it. Having an eczema flare ‘out of the blue’ is common and can happen despite your best efforts.” As a result, you may move from treatment to treatment. And over time, your options become fewer and fewer, while your child continues to suffer as the search for the perfect solution goes on and on...

Perhaps the biggest question we parents ask as we try remedy after remedy, and place our hopes on a steady stream of medicines and pricey lotions is this: Will my child just have to learn to live with eczema? Aren’t there any more options that were made specifically to treat eczema?

Looking for the Best Treatment for Child Eczema? Find Relief, With This

Trusted skincare brand Dove — known worldwide for caring for skin and for its focus on well-being — is launching DermaSeries, a new range of products that takes mildness and nourishment to a new level. The products from the range have outstanding clinical claims and sensorial, pleasurable beauty benefits to change the way we care for our skin — and care for ourselves.

29-year-old Filipina mom Margrette tried Dove DermaSeries on her three-year-old son who first showed signs of eczema when he turned three. Margrette discovered it on the back of his knees and his elbows. She tried various brands of gentle cleansers and heavy moisturizers including Fluocinonides ointment, but her son still continued to scratch his skin.

“It was heartbreaking to see my son’s skin flaring up, scaly and dry. He constantly scratches his skin and sometimes it bleeds,” she laments.

Margarette used Dove Gentle Body Wash on her son for his baths twice a day. And at night, she used the Dove Soothing Body Lotion on his legs and arms. She applied the Dove Expert Repairing Balm on areas that needed intense moisture like the back of her son’s knees and elbows where the eczema had flared up.

“He likes using the body wash,” she says, “however, I need him to be asleep first before I can apply the lotion and the repairing balm, so he won’t mind the lotion feeling.”

After using Dove DermaSeries for five straight days, Margrette observed that Dove minimized her son’s scaly skin. “The differences started to appear on the fifth application,” she says.

best treatment for child eczema

Day 1:

Skin feels moisturized and calms initial flare-up/itchiness.

Day 3: 

On the third day of using Dove DermaSeries, the redness has slightly subsided. With the affected area being less than before with less itch episodes.

Day 5: 

Compared to both Day 1 and Day 3, the affected area is no longer red, observed by Margrette. There are also no visible raw areas on the skin.

Carefree, Less Itch

 For years, Dove has brought more than just skincare to the market. It has always understood that skincare concerns often translate to confidence and improve well-being. For some, it is even a powerful reminder of one’s childhood and a mother’s love. With Dove DermaSeries, parents can be assured that our children will not have to simply live with discomfort as their “normal.” They can enjoy their lives with less irritation and flare-ups.

No more missing out, no more being left behind! Now there’s just special memories waiting to be made and fun waiting to be had.

Find out more about Dove DermaSeries here.

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