12-year-old boy flies to Bali after stealing mom's credit card!

12-year-old boy flies to Bali after stealing mom's credit card!

Boy behavior problems aren't always easy to deal with. But in this 12-year-old's case, it became a terrifying ordeal for his entire family.

For a lot of boys growing up, having boy behavior problems is nothing new. Some boys talk back to and disobey their parents, while others get into fights in school… the list goes on.

However, there are some rare occasions where boy behavior problems escalate to dramatic levels. That’s exactly what happened to a 12-year-old boy from Sydney, Australia who went on a four-day vacation to Bali, Indonesia… because he was mad with his mom!

Why Did His Boy Behavior Problems Escalate to This Level?

The parents of 12-year-old Drew, reported him missing after he disappeared the day after an argument with his mother.

He was later found to have traveled alone to Bali, and had a four-day vacation at the expense of his mother, through a credit card he had stolen from her.

According to reports, Drew decided to go to Bali alone after having a heated argument with his mother. The boy had been wanting to go to Bali for some time, but his mother refused.

The 12-Year-Old Had Been Planning His Trip

The 12-year-old had been doing some research on airlines that allowed kids to travel alone without any supervision or even a letter from a parent.

Afterward, Drew told his family that he was going to school, but in reality he went to the airport and boarded a flight from Sydney to Perth. From there, he took a flight to Denpasar Airport in Bali.

Drew only took a backpack with him, and checked into his flights using a self-service terminal. At Perth, the only identification that was asked from him was his student ID and his passport.

He also lied and said that his mother was waiting outside for him when he was questioned in Bali.

He was able to place a reservation and check in at the All-Seasons hotel, and managed to hire a motorcycle even though he was underage and had no license. Reports add that he was also able to buy beer.

Drew was also familiar with the area since he and his family had gone on vacations in Bali before.

He Had Done Something Similar Before

His family was terrified and worried after his school reported that he was missing.

Fearing the worst, they frantically searched for him and discovered that he went to Bali through one of his friends. His mother contacted one of his friends who told her that Drew posted a video of himself in Bali, and geotagged his location.

boy behaviour problems

Drew was discovered after he posted a video of himself in a swimming pool.

Emma, Drew’s mom, was “shocked and disgusted” about what happened.

She shared, “There’s no emotion to feel what we felt when we found he’d left overseas.”

His mother added that Drew had done something similar before and attempted to travel to Indonesia. Since he needed a  letter from his parents, he was declined by airlines.

“When the first attempt to Indonesia took place, we were told his passport was going to be flagged,” his mother shared. However, an alert to prevent international flights wasn’t placed on Drew.

A spokeswoman for the police shared that they “will work with partner agencies to review the circumstances of this matter and current operating procedures, to ensure this type of incident does not occur again.”

What Can Parents Do About Their Child’s Bad Behavior?

boy behaviour problems

Dealing with negative behavior isn’t easy, especially when it comes to boy behavior problems. |

Photo: pexels.com

For parents who are having trouble disciplining their kids, finding the right approach is very important.

Here are some helpful tips for moms and dads:

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Good Behavior

A lot of parents fall into the trap of only focusing on negative behavior. It’s important to praise your child whenever they do something good since it validates their actions and makes them feel good about doing the right thing.

Instead of Saying “Stop,” Tell Them the Behavior You’d Like to See

It’s too easy to tell your child “stop” whenever they’re doing something wrong. However, instead of simply saying stop, it’s better to tell them what you want them to do.

Show Your Enthusiasm!

Be happy when they do a good deed, or if they follow the rules. Let them know that you approve of their positive behavior and it makes you happy.

Ignore Annoying Behavior

Sometimes, kids like to do things simply to annoy their parents or get your attention. If you notice this pattern of behavior, it’s okay to ignore your child since what they’re doing is negative behavior.

The key here is to show your child that throwing a tantrum or annoying you is not the way to get your attention. Instead, wait for them to talk to you properly before you respond to them.

Know the 10% and 90% Rule

The 10% and 90% rule is pretty straightforward. You need to scold your child for their bad deeds 10% of the time, and praise them for their good deeds 90% of the time.

This means that you need to change your behavior and focus on the good instead of the bad. Point out their positive behavior frequently, and they’ll end up doing it more often.


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