Breastfeeding found to lower the risk of uterine cancer

Breastfeeding found to lower the risk of uterine cancer

Who knew that breastfeeding also has benefits for moms? Amazing!

Aside from making children healthier and boosting their development, breastfeeding was also found to lower the risk of uterine cancer.

There is a link between breastfeeding and lowered risk of uterine cancer

A new study has found that women who have breastfed at least one of their children, would have a lower risk of developing uterine cancer later on.

The researchers examined data from over 26,000 women, and found that the risk of acquiring uterine cancer was reduced by about 7 per cent for women who breastfed for between three and six months, and by 11 per cent for women who breastfed for six to nine months, as compared to women who never breastfed at all.

The head of the study, Susan Jordan, shares, "On the basis of this study, we can now confirm that there is a link between breastfeeding and decreased risk of uterine cancer. We can't say that this is definitely a causal relationship, however, it is plausible that breastfeeding could directly reduce the risk by suppressing ovulation and reducing estrogen levels, and in turn reducing cell division in the lining of the uterus."

Breastfeeding has a lot of benefits

Aside from lowering the risk of uterine cancer, breastfeeding has a lot of benefits for mothers. One of the benefits would be that breastfeeding can help mothers lose the weight that they gained during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding can also significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which is more common among women.

Breastfeeding also helps mothers relax, and it helps them develop a greater bond with their child, which can have positive effects on mood as well as the child's development.


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