5 Breastfeeding problems and the tech to solve them

5 Breastfeeding problems and the tech to solve them

Check out these helpful apps, gadgets, and other creative solutions that are sure to solve your breastfeeding problems!

If there’s one thing moms everywhere know, it’s this: breastfeeding isn’t easy!

It’s easy to think it’s as simple as present breast, baby latches on, feeding begins, all done. But, in reality, it’s much more complicated than that. Along the way there are numerous problems and complications that nursing mothers face. Through a healthy dose of family support, perseverance, and trial and error, moms are able to overcome these obstacles, however, it’s a lot of hard work!

Thankfully as time progresses, new inventions and innovations are being made to help make breastfeeding and pumping easier, and less stressful for nursing mommies.

Millennial mommas, if you’re facing any breastfeeding or pumping issues, it’s time to look for modern assistance! Check out these 5 common breastfeeding/pumping problems, and the 5 amazing helpful apps, gadgets, and creative solutions designed with nursing mommies in mind!

Problem #1: How much milk is my baby getting?

(Source: MyMomSense.com)

(Source: MyMomSense.com)


Using a pair of headphones, a specialized babysafe sensor, and your smartphone, Momsense is able to track exactly how much milk your baby is taking in. The one-of-a-kind sensor is able to measure your baby’s “effective swallows”, and then records the results of each feeding session. Not to mention that this handy dandy app connects you and give you access to a number of lactation experts from all over, and they’re available whenever you have a question. If you’re conscious, worried, or curious about how much of your milk your baby is consuming, Momsense is well worth the steep price tag of $89.99. You can purchase it by clicking here.


Find out which apps, gadgets, and other creative solutions can solve your breastfeeding issues! Visit the next page for more!

Problem #2: Pumping is unbearable

(Source: BeauGen.com)

(Source: BeauGen.com)

Pumping can be absolute hell on nursing mothers. Thankfully, the creative minds of the BeauGen Nipple Cushion have worked long and hard to make your life easier! Finally, no more pain and discomfort when it comes to pumping! BeauGen makes a tiny, stretchy, one-size-fits-all nipple cushion that works to eliminate any irritation or pain felt when pumping. For $30.00, it can be yours! Learn more and buy it here.


Problem #3: Leaking!

milk saver


Find out which apps, gadgets, and other creative solutions can solve your breastfeeding issues! Visit the next page for more!

Problem #4: Washing bottles is a pain!

kiinde twist

Pumping into bottle after bottle can lead to cleaning a lot of bottles. With all the responsibilities of being mom, who has time to clean all those bottles?! Have no fear, overworked mommas: Kiinde Twist is here. Kiinde is a storage system that minimizes the transfer (and waste) of breast milk through a collection, storage and feeding system. Basically, you pump directly into a bag, which then can be labeled and stored as is. The whole package comes with a bottle warmer, which heats your breastmilk to an appropriate temperature. Then the same pouch can be snapped into a nipple and holder and used for feeding when the time comes.  With a $31.99 price tag, this nifty invention could resolve your endless bottle problem. Buy it here.


Problem #5: How can I warm my baby’s bottle when I’m out and about?

Innobaby's bottle warmer

Usually, in a pinch, women go for the microwave when they need to heat their baby’s milk. This is a no-no however. Innobaby’s warmers aren’t only a better solution at home, they’re also portable, making them a must-buy for nursing mommies. Simply add a packet and a little hot water, and you have an on-the-go heat source that can be used to warm baby bottles, liquids and foods. The best part: no battery or cords are required! Plus the device warms food and milk in as little as two minutes! This helpful invention is $36.95, and you can purchase it here.


This article was based on a post composed by Allaya Cooks-Campbell, and published by Well Rounded NY.

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