How to Choose the best Birth Hospital for you and your baby

How to Choose the best Birth Hospital for you and your baby

Choosing what and where hospital to give birth is never an easy decision. We have to consider so many factors! But where do you start?

How to Choose a Birth Hospital

Are you happy with the facilities offered?



Everyone wants to have a positive birthing experience as giving birth is already hard enough. And let’s be honest: you’ve been pregnant long enough so you want this to be as easy as possible! These are the common factors in choosing a hospital to give birth to your little angel.

Some practical, and obvious, considerations are:

Price and location are always a good first step. If you’re planning a birth that is in your province or even in another country, it may be a good idea if you are able to arrive there at least a month before your due date so you can familiarize yourself with these points. Check their websites, or brochures if you are not able to go there yourself physically. Or even talk to someone that is already at the destination and ask what they think about it.


How to Choose a Birth Hospital

Welcoming your baby into the world should be a good experience



You may have other concerns as well. Some other considerations are:


How to Choose a Birth Hospital

Will your immediate family be able to visit?


Of all these considerations, you should always consider that most plans, especially one for birth, do not go as planned. Even taking that into consideration, ask yourself are you and your family COMFORTABLE and feel safe in this hospital? Does it ease pressures from your mind?

If the answer is YES, then you have found your hospital!  Congratulations!


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