Is your family's diet increasing your risk for colon cancer?

Is your family's diet increasing your risk for colon cancer?

Keep your loved ones cancer-free by knowing what dietary changes you need to make today!

Meals are made even more delicious when shared with the ones you love. But do you know what would make it even better? Knowing that your diet is ensuring your future good health and well-being.

Sadly though, even the most delicious food can put us at risk for health conditions with no known cure, such as cancer.

Colorectal cancer or colon cancer affects about 1.4 million worldwide each year. It is the third most common type of cancer. Even if you don’t have a family history of cancer, eating the wrong kind of food can put you at risk of developing this later on in life.

What is the first step to preventing colorectal cancer? Avoiding a high fat diet!

Is your family's diet increasing your risk for colon cancer?

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If you’re fond of eating processed meat and red meat, then you might want to stop, as these are high in fat. Examples of processed meat we love to serve our kids are bacon, sausage, and luncheon meats. A diet high in animal protein, which includes meat, dairy, and eggs have also been linked to this serious form of cancer.

Steer clear of pre-packaged meats and types of fast food as they contain additives, that when ingested regularly, could increase cancer risk.

The Journal of Gastroenterology recently backed the World Health Organization’s earlier claims that these types of meat increase the risk of colon cancer. Not only that, high fat diets have been linked to increased risk for breast cancer and mental illness in children.

So how do you lessen your risk for colorectal cancer?

Aside from opting for a low fat diet, research has found that coffee can help combat this type of cancer. Adding foods rich in chlorogenic acid, such as carrots, apples, pineapples, potatoes, and strawberries would greatly help, too!

Upping your fiber intake is also a great way to fight cancer risk. So stock up on those whole grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables.

Of course, exercising and quitting smoking is a must, and can help lessen the risk for other types of cancers.

It’s so important to make smart, consistent dietary changes today. It lowers the risk of these conditions robbing your family of a healthy and happy future.

sources: Medical News Today,, NCBI, World Cancer Research Fund

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