3 Comments every C-section mom is tired of hearing!

3 Comments every C-section mom is tired of hearing!

I have had two C-sec deliveries, and let me tell you, from what I have heard, it seems that those operations and the time that it took for my body to recuperate was "just a walk in the park."

If you have had a C-section delivery, chances are you already have heard how you didn’t give birth the real way, and how you had it easy, compared to women who give birth the vaginal way.

The fact is, the first time I had a C-section, I was not able to walk for almost two months. My body was refusing to heal and I had to walk very slowly, in excruciating pain, holding my stomach because it felt as if the moment I removed my hand, my stomach would fall down. It was a painful and horrible first time.

The second time, even though the healing was much faster, there stitches definitely hurt a lot.

I have never sat down to think of any birthing technique as being better than the other. But recently, when I heard someone making a comment on how it is so easy for women to give birth through C-section whereas it is so difficult for those who go for a natural birth, I felt it was time to talk about a few things.

Here are some comments I have heard regarding a C-sec birth. I wish no new mother has to listen to them ever!

1. “Oh no, now you won’t get the joy of experiencing a real birth.”

What does this even mean? I mean, how is a caesarian delivery a ‘fake’ birth process when you bring to life a little, real, happy, healthy baby?

The entire process of C-Section

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The reason I had to go for cesarean was because it was a medical emergency, but the fact remains that it is as much a real birthing process as a natural birth.

2. “Wow, now you can go through it the easy way.”

What is an easy way when it comes to giving birth? A C-section birth can be a really difficult process that is not only physically taxing, but can stress you out emotionally and mentally.

During my first operation, I was barely able to hold my newborn and feed her, the pain was so excruciating. Not only was it physically difficult, but it was also leaving me emotionally drained.

3. “At least you won’t have those stitches inside your privates.”  

The fact is, those who give birth through a C-sec operation have scars just above the pelvic lining, below the lower abdomen area. In fact, these scars almost always never go away, and I have still to come across a mother who can say that her scars have healed completely.

I did have those stitches, and even though they were not ‘inside’ my privates, they were very much near that area, and the scars will remain with me for life. Not that I am complaining.

Everything being said, I do not feel that any birth procedure is a lesser one, because nurturing a baby inside you, bringing it to life and being a happy mom to a healthy baby is what is more important than debating over the method you or rather destiny chose to deliver your child.

What about you? Have you also received comments regarding a C-section birth? Tell us!

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