Court of Appeals denies Jodi Sta. Maria's request in annulment case

Court of Appeals denies Jodi Sta. Maria's request in annulment case

The actress and single mom's request for the court to reverse itself regarding her annulment case from ex Pampi Lacson has been junked

It's been six years since actress Jodi Sta. Maria and ex-husband Pampi Lacson have called it quits, but their annulment has not been finalized due to the denial of Jodi's latest motion for reconsideration.

According to entertainment website PEP, the court earlier ruled that Jodi and Pampi's marriage was valid. In a report which aired in February 2017, TV Patrol revealed that the court felt there was "no reason to void" their marriage, seeing no sufficient evidence to reverse their initial decision.

Furthermore, the court felt that neither Jodi nor Pampi is "psychologically incapacitated" to fulfill the responsibilities of marriage.

Jodi and Pampi have an 11-year-old son named Panfilo Lacson III, or Thirdy as he's fondly called.

"Yung anak ko ang nagpapa-file ng annulment," said Pampi's dad, Senator Panfilo Lacson, in an interview with the Inquirer. "Nire-resolve lang nila yung custody nung bata because yung anak ko mahal na mahal yung anak niya, Panfilo III yun, e."

The court felt that neither Jodi nor Pampi was "psychologically incapacitated" to fulfill the responsibilities of marriage

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It was Jodi who petitioned to nullify their marriage, citing psychological incapacity as her reason for doing so.

Back in 2014, a Regional Trial Court ruled that their marriage was "null and void", but in 2016 the case was elevated to the Court of Appeals, which junked the RTC's earlier ruling. Jodi filed a motion for reconsideration, but it was denied.

PEP reported a part of the Court of Appeal's ruling, which states that "no less than the Constitution recognizes the sanctity of marriage and the unity of the family," and so, Jodi and Pampi's union remained "inviolable."

Jodi and Pampi got married in Nevada, USA in March 2005. In December that same year they welcomed their first son Thirdy.



Though there have been rumors about Pampi being abusive, 34-year-old Jodi has since clarified it, saying that it was youth and lack of maturity that led to their marriage's demise. She was 22 when they got married.

Since then, Jodi has dated Jolo Revilla. Pampi has a daughter with partner Iwa Moto named Hiromi. Despite the legal drama, the two half-siblings have established a strong bond.


Both Iwa and Jodi have been seen bonding with the two kids, proving that family ties are stronger than all the drama.

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