The important reason why doctors encourage moms to chew gum after C-sections

The important reason why doctors encourage moms to chew gum after C-sections

This simple instruction can help determine whether moms are ready to go home after undergoing a Cesarean section. Read on to find out more.

If you're a C-section momma, then you probably know the answer to this. If not, then read on!

After a woman gives birth through C-section, she becomes more prone to developing bowel problems. Why? It's because their intestinal movements tends to slow down, which can created blockages. When this happens, there can be abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, and other uncomfortable symptoms. This condition is commonly known in the medical field as post-operative ileus and it does not solely affect post-CS moms. Anyone who's undergone any type of abdominal surgery can experience this.

So what is the simple solution that can provide relief to post-CS moms with gas pain? Chewing gum.

According to recent study out of Philadelphia, chewing gum "tricks" the body, making it think that you're eating, stimulating saliva and metabolism in general!

Researchers told LiveScience that  moms who chewed gum within two hours after a C-section passed gas or farted more quickly--specifically, 6-7 hours earlier--than those who didn't.

Farting is a good sign! It means that normal bowel functions have resumed, and, barring any other complications, the new momma is free to go home with their precious little one!

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Postoperative ileus or extreme abdominal discomfort is experienced by many moms post CS-surgery. According to Yahoo, it can often radiate to other parts of the body aside from your stomach, like your back and shoulders.

There are other ways to ease the difficulties of the recovery period. For abdominal or gas pain, specifically, doctors and nurses can recommend walking, leg exercises, hot tea, heating pads, or medication.

1. Walking

Though it may be difficult and painful, it's important to start walking as early and as often as possible. This stimulates your bowels, and in effect, relieves gas and constipation. But walking doesn't just help post-CS moms pass gas, it can also prevent blood clots from forming!

2. Leg exercises

Mobility after surgery is so important because it protects against all sorts of complications. Rocking your legs back and forth or pulling them up to your chest, for instance, can help relieve gas by stimulating the bowels. They must be done with care, however, so as not to strain or disrupt the healing of stitches.

3. Applying heat

Heating pads could help ease painful gas. Remember though, that C-sections can cause numbness during recovery! Don't apply heat to numb areas to avoid burns. You can also drink tea, if you're allowed liquids already, to help hasten bowel movement.

4. Taking medication

When all else fails, ask your doctor if you can take any medication that can help soothe and relieve the pain and discomfort you're feeling.

The sooner you pass gas, the sooner you can head home to heal and enjoy the company of your little one!

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