Eating one egg a day can possibly help your kids grow taller

Eating one egg a day can possibly help your kids grow taller

Commonly thought of as being high in cholesterol, eggs are actually very healthy, and can help your children grow taller!

According to researchers, eggs might be the solution to prevent kids from having stunted growth, most especially in areas with little access to nutritious food.

It might be the solution to stunted growth

A team of researchers from the US and Ecuador conducted a research to see how big of an impact eating one egg a day can have on growing babies, specifically those from low-income areas where nutritious food is scarce.

They found that by eating one egg a day, it reduced their stunting by 47%, and the babies who had eggs in their diet were 74% less likely to be underweight, which is a dramatic result. The babies who ate an eggy diet were also found to have grown larger and taller compared to babies who weren't fed on eggs while they were younger.

Eggs also have the potential to curb high obesity rates, as eggs are a well balanced food that can provide a lot of calories, but don't provide as much when it comes to gaining weight.

Eggs are amazing!

Eggs have been maligned for years because of the cholesterol content in the yolk, deeming it as a fatty and unhealthy food. However, eggs are surprisingly nutritious, and even the yolks, which are rich in cholesterol, but the good kind.

Yolks are actually the most nutritious part of the egg, and cholesterol plays an important role in regulating cell processes, and regulating the pathways involved in cell signaling. Your brain is actually composed of 25% cholesterol, so it's important in improving the connections between your neurons, which help you learn, understand, and remember things.

Of course, eggs have to be consumed in moderation. An 1-2 eggs a day should be enough to provide good nutrition for you and your family, especially for young kids, as the protein that's contained in the eggs are helpful in building up their muscle and for their general growth and development.



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