Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for super moms

Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for super moms

Lush Launches the Ultimate Gifting Experience for Christmas

Lush’s 2019 Christmas collection launches on and in all shops worldwide. This year, alongside the main collection, there will also be three eco-friendly Christmas Gift Ideas launching in the UK -Liverpool, Oxford Street and Birmingham (including an entire floor dedicated to Christmas in Liverpool)- to showcase new exciting gifting concepts and provide a wider choice for customers along with added fun and excitement when choosing a gift.

New Lush Lens Gifts -From Php795

lush bathbombs

After the launch of the first-ever Lush Advent  Calendar, Lush introduces a selection of Christmas gifts that will be detectable with the Lush Lens feature on the #LushLabs app, an innovation developed by Lush’s in-house team of Tech Warriors.

These gifts will not feature any information about what’s inside on a tag or sticker. To discover which Naked products are inside, open up the Lush Lens feature on the Lush Labs app and get scanning. The Lush Labs app replaces the need for excess packaging with a digital solution, reducing the impact on the environment. The collection will start with 5 Christmas gifts and 5 all year round ones.

New Knot Swap Scheme

lush christmas gift knot wraps

Lush has introduced Knot Wraps 10 years ago, in 2009, as an alternative reusable packaging. This Christmas, Knot-Swap, a new scheme will launch in all shops. Freshen up your Knot Wrap game without wasting a stitch. Swap in your pre-loved wrap and get 50% off a Lush design of the same size. The Knot Wraps for Christmas 2019 are made from either Organic Cotton or Recycled waste bottles. Waste not, want knot!

New Bath Bomb Holders –From Php145 

lush christmas gift bathbomb holder

These new Bath Bomb holders are made from 100% recycled card and are 100% recyclable. They can also be turned into fun dressing up glasses by following the cut lines on the inside of the mask.

New Lokta Paper BathBomb Wraps 

These festive, reusable wraps are a brand new for this Christmas 2019. Lokta paper is made from the Lokta plant and is produced by hand in Nepal by a group of women at a social programme, initiated to create employment for marginalized women in the area. The size fits to wrap both a standard or large-size bath bomb and is perfect for Secret Santa gifts. There will be two designs for Christmas (Snowman and Penguin) and one for Halloween (Pumpkin).


There will also be a specially curated selection of books on sale in the Christmas Gift Concept shops, as well as in seven other Lush shops in the UK&I. These books will be on sale alongside the new Christmas gifts to inspire and to provide an insight into how we source the packaging customers will find on these gifts.

Learn more about the inspiration behind Lush packaging and about packaging in general. This list of books includes titles like No More Plastic by Martin Dorey and The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.

Christmas is always an exciting time at Lush. None more so than this year, particularly for Gifts. The new Gift Concept shops in 2019 highlight exactly what the Lush gifts team do and why they do it.

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