Father sells his house and successful company to travel the world with his daughter

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Material possessions amount to nothing compared to the priceless memories and adventures he would share with his 2-year-old daughter.

Giving up a successful career and selling his own home was not difficult Zhu Chunxiao because it was for the love of his 2-year-old daughter.

Though he has been living comfortably for a decade, he traded this in for no permanent address and half a decade of adventure.

But before they set off on their journey, Zhu took 3 months of careful planning which involved selling his shares of the company he founded. His shares amounted to two million yuan (or about $300,000).

He plans to travel the world with his daughter for five years.

As of now, they have begun their journey by travelling around China which they plan to do for an entire year.

Zhu believes this adventure will give his daughter rich and priceless childhood experiences. Part of the reason why he wants to do this now is so that he will not miss the opportunity to bond with her when she grows up.

His quest is for them to find joy and happiness along the way.

Here is a slideshow of their journey so far.

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