2-year-old eats every hour to prevent his body from eating his own muscles

2-year-old eats every hour to prevent his body from eating his own muscles

Georgia-based Owen Torti suffers from fatty-acid metabolism disorder; a rare genetic disorder which requires Owen to eat every hour to stay alive.

He eats every hour. Not because of he loves doing so, but to prevent his body from breaking down his own muscles. The disease is called fatty-acid metabolism disorder, and 2-year-old Owen Torti needs to eat every hour to survive.

What is fatty-acid metabolism disorder?

In a nutshell, fatty-acid metabolism disorder stops a person's body from breaking down fat and converting it into energy.

So, if his body runs out of energy, his body starts breaking down the muscles. This condition has landed Owen in the hospital 12 times in 20 months.

At his young age, Owen simply wants to run around and play like other children. However, his condition makes it difficult for him to do so. He needs to take breaks every hour, and has yet to learn how to pace himself so that his muscles won't break down.

Owen was only seven days old when he was diagnosed with the disorder. If left untreated, the disorder can lead to breathing problems, seizures, coma or even death.

Watch this video to know more about Owen’s story.

Republished with permission from: theIndusparent

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