10 fun New Year celebration ideas for kids

10 fun New Year celebration ideas for kids

Let your kids kick start the New Year with a bang! Check this list out for fun and creative New Year celebration ideas for kids.

New Year celebration ideas

New Year is right around the corner and the kids are excitedly counting down. But other than the traditional New Year Eve’s dinner and watching of fireworks, why not give the following fun and creative kiddie New Year celebration ideas a try.

Set up a “throwback” scavenger hunt

Hide this year’s photos around the house and give your children instructions as to how to get from one photo to the next. When they’ve collected them all, sit back and reminisce over the fun times.

Make a year-end scrap book full of memories

Have your children sit down and help you make a scrapbook full of their fondest memories of the year that’s passed. Let them doodle around the pictures and write their own captions. You can have them place their handprints or footprints, as well.

New Year celebration ideas

Let your kids celebrate the New Year with a fun and colorful balloon drop!

Celebrate the New Year with a balloon drop

If you’re more comfortable with your kids celebrating indoors at the stroke of midnight, then let them do so with tons of balloons! Let your kids usher in the New Year in a rain of balloons and confetti. Click here to know how to make a balloon drop.

Pop balloons filled with confetti

Another alternative to the balloon drop is to simply cover the floor with confetti-filled balloons. As soon as the clock strikes 12, let the children have a go at the balloons, popping one balloon after another.

Let your kids celebrate with DIY shakers

Let your children usher in the New Year with DIY shakers they can either make at home or at a kiddie table at the party itself. Click here for instructions as to how you can make these fun and festive shakers.

New Year celebration ideas

Throw a New Year party at noon for kids who can’t stay up late.

Throw a New Year’s party at noon

For tots who can’t stay up late for the festivities, let them “party” while the sun’s still out. Let them wear party hats, eat cake, blow horns and dance the afternoon away.

This is a win-win for parents. On one hand, they let their children have their share of fun. On the other, the children will probably be so tired that they sleep through the night as the adults have their New Year fun.

Make a time capsule with your kids

Have your children fill out a questionnaire that asks them for their favorite color, dishes, movies, and their favorite memories of the year that’s passed.After they’ve finished answering, put it into a container along with other trinkets that remind them of the year.

When the next New Year is about to roll in, pull out the box and look over what your children wrote. It’d be funny to see if their favorites have changed or if they’ve stayed the same.

New Year celebration ideas

Bake a good luck cake

One way the Greek celebrate the New Year is by baking a cake with a “gold coin” or trinket inserted in it. Whoever gets the coin or trinket is supposed to get good luck for the upcoming year.

You can put your own spin on this tradition by inserting trinkets that are sentimental value to you and your family. Also, you can make things fun by letting the children help with decorating the cake. Click here for the recipe.

Share a “kiss” during midnight

You know how adults like to share a kiss at the stroke of midnight? Here’s the kid-friendly version of that: buy a bag of Hershey Kisses and pass them out to the children as soon as the clock strikes 12.

Let your kids join the New Year toast

While the grown-ups enjoy a glass of bubbly champagne or wine, don’t let the kids feel left out and let them toast with a glass of milk served with cookies.


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