Get ready for the new year with these 5 simple health tips!

Get ready for the new year with these 5 simple health tips!

2017 is coming soon, and it's as good a time as any to start getting healthy! Follow these 5 simple tips! (Hint: There's chocolate involved!)

This coming new year is as good a time as any to start getting healthier, and with these 5 simple health tips, you can be sure that you'll be starting the new year in the healthiest way possible!

1. Start drinking lemon water in the morning

Drinking water mixed with lemon juice or lemon slices is a great and simple way of keeping yourself healthy. Lemon water has a lot of vitamin C, and also improves your digestion.

Lemon water also tastes good, so you'll have more reason to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day!

2. Keep healthy foods in the front of your fridge, and unhealthy foods in the back

Following this simple tip can really help keep you fit. Putting healthy food in front lets you access them more easily, and you'll see them much more frequently, grabbing your attention and making you remember that you should always eat healthy.

So make sure to place those veggies in front of the fridge, and put all those cookies and sweets at the back.

3. Ever heard of 'deskercises'?

Almost everyone who works at a desk knows that it really does make you gain a bit more weight since you're basically just sitting around. Doing simple exercises while sitting down helps keep the blood flowing, and it also helps reduce stress, and keeps you in a much more positive mood.

Plus, it's a great way to bring blood flow into your brain, making you think better, and work smarter!

4. Power up your brain by eating dark chocolate

Yup, you heard it. Eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate can significantly improve your brain power. This works because chocolate dilates the blood vessels that bring blood to your brain, bringing more oxygen to it.

Make sure to stick to unsweetened dark chocolate for a good boost of energy and brain power without the guilt of added sugar.

5. Get a massage from time to time

Getting a massage really does wonders for your body. Not only does it help you reduce stress levels and gets you relaxed, massages help stretch out those tired muscles and aching joints. Massages are even used in physical therapy as a form of treatment!

So the next time you're feeling stressed out, try getting a nice full body massage. It'll sure be worth it, and your body will thank you for it!


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