10-Year-old girl with one leg proves her disability isn’t a hindrance

10-Year-old girl with one leg proves her disability isn’t a hindrance

Esmelyn, a 10-year-old girl who was born with only one leg, shows that her disability isn't something that dissuades her from working hard to make her dreams come true.

In a post shared on Facebook by Front Row, a 10-year-old girl with a disability has inspired netizens with her resilience and perseverance.

She doesn't let her disability stop her

10-year-old Esmilyn, a Grade 4 student and native of Quirino province, was born with only one leg. But regardless of her disability, it hasn't stopped her from walking every day to get to school.

Since Esmilyn's family isn't well-off, she was forced to use an adult-sized crutch which made it hard for her to walk. She shared that sometimes, her armpit hurt from using the crutch, so she often needed to take a moment and rest.

Her mother shared that when Esmilyn started to go to school, she had to carry her every day. Eventually, Esmilyn learned to use a crutch to get to school by herself.

Esmilyn's mom added that her daughter still goes to school even if she has a fever, just so she won't be absent for class.

Esmilyn wants to be a nurse when she grows up

Esmilyn's teachers are so impressed with her dedication. In fact, they even shared that she doesn't want to be treated any different from her classmates. They added that she's determined to be the best she can be, and that she has big dreams for the future. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

However, Esmilyn admitted that sometimes, other kids tease her for her disability. Even if she feels sad about it, she just shrugs it off and does her best to ignore them.

Esmilyn shared that her mother sometimes tells her that she doesn't have to do housework because of her condition. But Esmilyn still chooses to do the work because she doesn't want her mother to be burdened.

She was given a prosthetic leg

Eventually, through the help of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office of the Province of Quirino, Esmilyn was given a prosthetic leg.

Her new leg should make it easier for her to walk to school. Hopefully it will also help her fulfill her dreams and turn them into a reality.

It just goes to show that no matter your lot in life, the most important thing is to think positively, and to never give up.


Source: kickerdaily.com

Photos screen capped from: Facebook.com

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