4-year-old Harper Beckham is now designing clothes

4-year-old Harper Beckham is now designing clothes

Taking after her posh and fashion forward mom, the youngest Beckham is showing the world she has her own eye for fashion

At the tender age of four, Harper Beckham can already say she's had a lot of experience in the fashion industry: first, she styled an A-list celebrity (who also happens to be her dad, David Beckham), sat amongst the VIPs at numerous New York Fashion week shows, and was about to make her modeling debut at her mom's show.


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While her brother Brooklyn is busy following in their father's footsteps with his budding soccer career as well as dabbling in fashion photography and her brother Romeo is modeling for Burberry campaigns, Harper, it seems, has been drawn to designing clothes.

Under the watchful eye of her mom, top fashion designer Victoria Beckham, Harper was hard at work (making her mom proud) with her draping skills.


Draping like mummy ???????? X #proudmummy X ✨❤️

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We say the littlest Beckham's style is way beyond her years! What do you think?

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