5 lessons we can learn from successful Filipina mompreneurs

5 lessons we can learn from successful Filipina mompreneurs

Want to know how to be a successful mompreneur? Take your cue from these resourceful and hardworking moms!

Who says mommies can’t run the household and a business at the same time? These mompreneurs have proven that moms can do it all and they have given us helpful tips on how we can start our own thriving business as well!

How To Be a Successful Mompreneur, According to Pinay Moms

1. Find Your Passion and Stick with It

Model Rissa Mananquil-Trillo is also a mompreneur! Apart from being a mom of three, she is also a co-founder and chief brand officer of Happy Skin, a local cosmetics brand.

According to her, it has always been her dream “to create a makeup line that takes good care of skin and celebrates Filipina beauty.” Having the same dreams and passion with co-founder Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez has led them to put up the business.

Here’s her tip to those who are eyeing the world of entrepreneurship: “Starting your own business will never be easy. But when you’re passionate about what you do, giving up is not an option. Pursue your passions in whatever you do because the result is always different. You’ll never look back in regret if you decide with your heart.”

This super mompreneur won the Woman Entrepreneur award at the Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines (EOYP) search in 2017 and Go Negosyo Inspiring Filipina Award in 2018!

2. Focus on Addressing a Genuine Need of Problem

how to be a successful mompreneur

image courtesy: Kate Yu

While it is good to start with something you are passionate with, you also have to know what products and services will sell to the market for your business to be successful.

Kate Yu and Edie Acedera are co-founders of Mommy Republic. In an interview with theAsianparent, Kate Yu shared some tips and words of inspiration to would-be mompreneurs. She said, “I believe products and services that truly address a “pain” point in a person’s life have a higher chance of success.”

Research or talk to your potential clients or customers. Discover the problem and how you can help them deal with it.

Their desire to help other business owners to “understand and better serve moms by helping them fine tune their products and services” led them to write the book, Mommy Republic – Understanding Filipino Millennial Moms.

3. Use Your Resources Wisely

how to be a successful mompreneur

image courtesy: Charisse Santos-Agulto

Charisse Santos-Agulto was a first-time mom who wanted to breastfeed her son, Matteo, exclusively. Unfortunately it turned out that she had low milk supply!

In an interview with TheAsianparent, she recounts trying milk boosting options available like fenugreek, malunggay oil and capsules, hot baths, and in 2011, she found out about lactation cookies. However, she found them expensive. That was when she decided to bake them on her own.

She founded the popular cookie brand, Lactabites (coined from Lactation Bites) in 2014. The business runs on a pre-order basis because Charisse also has a full-time job. Mommies can be assured that their cookies are freshly baked as well.

She said in the interview that “even with limited budget you can still pursue your dream and become a mompreneur.”

She proved this right because she started Lactabites through social media. According to her, social media helps entrepreneurs to introduce their brand or product to the market more easily. “You can also boost your posts in Facebook and IG at a minimal cost compared to doing traditional media,” she added.

Her other business called Mama Panadera was launched through social media as well!

See, mommies? You can start your own business without breaking the bank!

4. Sharpen Your Multi-Tasking Skills

Being a mom obviously requires a lot of time and effort. Adding a business to your tray sure does sound overwhelming!

Ginger Arboleda, more commonly called Mommy Ginger, considers the power of multi-tasking as her gift. She juggles being a mom, a blogger, and an entrepreneur all at the same time! She also has a lot of activities that she still does “occasionally”.

She is the founder and CEO of Manila Workshops where she partners with a lot of speakers and organize workshops. Mommy Ginger is also the Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Taxumo, an online tax filing platform for freelancers, small business owners, and self-employed professionals in the Philippines.

If Mommy Ginger can juggle all those activities along with spending time with her daughter, Zeeka, then so can you, super mom!

5. Make Time For Your Kids 

In an interview with Philippine Star, children of The Parenting Emporium founders Beng Feliciano and Maricel Cua were asked what makes their moms special.

Maricel’s only daughter Lia considers her mom as her big sister and best friend. “We like hanging out together, and whenever I feel bad, I always talk to her because I know she’ll make me feel better,” she added.

Beng, on the other hand, is a mother of three. Her son Nico reveals that even though his mom is extremely busy, she makes enough time to play with him. “Most of all, she loves me with all her heart and I don’t need her to tell me to know that,” he said.

One of her daughters, Summer, shares the same comment with her kuya: “I like my mom because whenever she has work, she tries her best to spend time with me. When it’s a tight day and I’m sick, she works at home and takes care of me more than she works.” Carly sees mommy Beng as “a one-of-kind special person.”

It is understandable that managing a business takes a lot of your time, but remember that being a mom should always be your top priority!


Sources: Entrepreneur, Philippine Star

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