Why gentle is not enough for your baby's skin

Why gentle is not enough for your baby's skin

Find out the reason why moisture is important for your baby's skin, as well as how to moisturize baby skin to ensure that it's healthy and protected.

A lot of baby products pride themselves on being gentle for your baby. After all, babies have delicate skin, so it makes sense to avoid using any harsh cleansers. 

However, being gentle isn’t always enough for your little one. Using products that add moisture, and keep it locked in can help keep your baby’s skin healthy and free from any problems. 

How can you keep baby’s skin moist?

Moisture in your baby’s skin is important since it helps prevent chafing, as well as other skin problems caused by the changing weather. It also protects your baby from rashes and irritation and keeps his skin soft and smooth.

Your baby’s skin is thinner than that of adults, which means that it can dry out easily. That’s why going the extra mile in terms of skincare is always a good idea.

how to moisturize baby skin

Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Even if your baby’s skin doesn’t suffer from dryness, it’s always a good idea to use a gentle and safe moisturizer to help keep his skin healthy. 
  • Use products with little to no fragrance, and with ingredients suitable for babies to ensure that these products won’t have any adverse effects on his skin..
  • Avoid exposing your child to harsh UV light. Make sure he wears sunblock, or his skin is covered whenever you’re spending some time out in the sun. 
  • Your little one’s soap should not just be gentle, but it should also help replenish essential nutrients which help skin retain its natural moisture. 

When it comes to the best for your baby, only one brand comes to mind – Baby Dove.

Baby Dove has a wide range of products from baby hair-to-toe wash to lotions, that goes beyond gentle to moisturize baby’s delicate skin. 

Your baby's skin is at its most sensitive during the first year of his life, so it's important to provide your little one with the essential care that his body needs. Aside from mild cleansing, it’s also important to keep his skin moist. Go beyond gentle, and #ChooseMoisture with Baby Dove. 

Source: WebMD,Sharecare

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