How to talk to your husband about sex

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Is communicating the traditional way (sitting down and talking) not working with your husband when it comes to sex? We've got three methods that might work!

Believe it or not, ladies, you’re not the only one who thinks that you're a frigid wife. You’ve probably heard your girlfriends say they have sex every day while you can barely manage a weekly tryst.

Don’t be sad. You and your husband may just haven't found what really gets you off or “flips your switch,” so to speak, which is why you find sex a little boring.

But the fact that you want to address these problems is a good sign!

This means you’re willing to give more time, intimacy and trust to your husband when it comes to your body—if only he would listen, and it wasn’t too embarrassing to admit what you like!

To help you out, here are some ways to help both of you understand each other’s desires with minimum embarrassment.

Answer online sex questionnaires

Comparing notes has never been so sexy. There are a lot of online tools like Mojo Upgrade and Sexionnaire that help couples tell each other what they like.

These tools then compare your answers and show you reports on which areas you both find interesting.

You never know, your husband might like talking dirty as much as you do!

Use a couple’s messaging app

Apps like Couple and Between let you and your husband exchange secret messages, voice recordings and naughty photos more securely than the standard apps out there.

Create a sense of intimacy and naughtiness with your sexting and before you know, you’re getting each other hot even before he gets home from work!

Ask each other what-if questions

If there’s a surefire way to get him talking about his fantasies, it’s a what-if scenario.

Ask him, “What if we met in high school?” or “What if I came on to you before we were together?” and let the conversation flow from there.

These are just three things you could do to build trust and intimacy with the hubby, which can ultimately lead to a healthier, more satisfying sex life.

Sex experts have said that novelty is always a great sexy starting point, so why not try something new more often?

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