Here's how to know if your partner's sperm is healthy just by LOOKING at it

Here's how to know if your partner's sperm is healthy just by LOOKING at it

When trying to conceive, sperm health is one of the factors you have to consider. But how do you tell if your partner's sperm is healthy? Here are some tips on how to tell if your husband's sperm is healthy just by looking at it!

Trying to conceive can be one of the most challenging times for a couple. Safe to say, having healthy sperm or strong sperm improves the chances of getting pregnant. But sometimes, this topic might be hard to broach with your husband. It can be a sensitive issue to bring up. So how can you tell if your husband’s sperm is healthy just by looking at it? We have some tips on how to tell if sperm is healthy.

How to tell if sperm is healthy just by looking at it

how to tell if sperm is healthy

How to tell if sperm is healthy by looking at its coloring. | Source: Pexels

Your husband’s semen says a lot about his sperm health, naturally. The color of the semen is the best self-help indication of its health. The first thing you need to check is the color of the sperm and it will tell you a lot about its health:

Cloudy white or grey

Normal semen is usually cloudy white or grey, with a jelly-like consistency. If this is the color of your husband’s sperm, then great! Stick to a healthy lifestyle like the tips above for higher levels of sperm count and quality.

Pink, red, brown or orange

This might possibly be hematopsermia, or blood in the semen. In some cases, it could be because of vigorous sex or masturbation, which should resolve on its own in a few days. In the worse case scenario, it could be because of blood pressure, STDs like herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea, prostate infection. If you are having pains on or around your crotch area, do see a doctor as soon as possible.


Most of the time, black semen is caused by old blood. But it could be caused by injuries to your spinal cord. Do consult your doctor if you have not done so, as it could be a more serious issue.

Yellow or green

Yellow or green semen on the other hand is usually linked to leftover urine mixed with semen, which is most commonly the cause of the odd coloring. But in other cases, it could be a sign of a medical problem like a urinary tract infection, prostate infection or an STD. If your husband is in pain after ejaculating, then it’s time to see the doctor.

How to tell if sperm is healthy: Practice healthy habits

how to tell if sperm is healthy

How to tell if sperm is healthy? Start with healthy habits. | Source: Pexels

Healthy sperm is not all about the fertility or virility of your husband. Sure, age plays a part in how healthy a sperm is, but did you know that men can produce sperm until they’re 80? The health of the sperm starts to decline as a man passes his 40th birthday and motility (the ability to move towards an egg) slows down between 20 to 80.

However, there are some practices that can be encouraged for men to produce healthy sperm.

1. Keep it cool down below

Sperm only produces in cool temperature – so when it’s summer on the testicles, you can expect trouble in paradise. Your man should avoid overheating the crotch area. So sauna sessions and hot baths should be kept at a minimum. Get rid of your husband’s tighty-whities and opt for loose boxer shorts as the go-to undergarment so the sperm factory keeps on churning.

2. Eat well

A healthy and well-balanced diet containing all the major food groups not only gives you the energy you need to get through your day, but is also key to assembling a healthy army of sperm. Food with folate like green vegetables, potatoes and legumes help increase sperm count, while Vitamin D, through cereal and fatty fish ensures sperm’s optimum shape and mobility. Fatty fish also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which is known to improve sperm structure and number.

3. Lose the belly and stay active

It’s not just enough to eat well, you need to encourage your husbands to get off the couch and get to the gym. Studies show that physically active men have higher testosterone levels, which leads to better sperm. Exercise can also help libido, so there’s that!

4. Stop smoking

Plenty of studies show that smoking lowers sperm count, decreased sperm mobility and poor sperm shape. It’s also linked to increased miscarriage rates as well. If your husband quits smoking now, you will be able to see improvements in just three months – the same time it takes for sperm calls to reach maturity.

5. Relax, take it easy

It’s not just important for the body to be healthy, the mind needs to be in tip top shape as well. Stress is known to decrease sexual function or worse, shut down the sperm factory altogether. It’s important to keep your husband relaxed if you’re hoping to get healthy sperm!


Sources: NCBI

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Originally published by The Asian Parent Singapore

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