Introducing your helper to your kids the right way

Introducing your helper to your kids the right way

Learn 10 do's and don’ts on how to introduce your helper to the kids.

You hire a new maid who speaks little English. She is supposed to take care of your kids while you are away at work and make sure your house is spotless and clean. You want to treat your maid well and want her to have a pleasant time in the midst of all these tasks, so your kids will enjoy having her around.

How should you introduce her to your children? How are you supposed to build a rapport between them if they can’t communicate? We suggest 10 do’s and don’ts on how to treat your maid.

Treat your maid well: 10 do’s and don’ts

1. Do fill your kids in on her background. Before meeting her, tell your kids a little bit about her background — where she came from originally, her work experience, etc.

2. Do explain your children’s nature. It is important that your helper be familiar with your children’s personalities, so she knows what to avoid or how to approach them.

3. Do write down your children’s schedule. She should also be familiar with their schedule so she can make the necessary arrangements for them.

4. Do establish house rules. It is important that your helper know her boundaries. If she does a good job, praise her because this will motivate her to work harder. If she does her job shoddily, be sure to correct her mistakes or resolve misunderstandings first before you start scolding. Treat your maid reasonably.

5. Do treat your maid with respect. You may not realize it but your kids take your lead. The way you talk to your helper (even when you are reprimanding) will become customary. If you want your kids to be respectful to your helper, remember to speak to her in a respectful manner as well. (And yes, this is easier said than done.)

6. Do tell your children off for being rude. You do not want your kids to think they have the God-given right to be rude towards helpers. So do not let your children treat your maid with disrespect. Ignoring your child’s impudence will eventually lead to teaching your child the wrong values, see people as lesser than he (or she) is.

treat your maid

Remember that she too has feelings and is far away from her family. | Image courtesy: stock image

7. Do communicate. As a parent and your helper’s employer, you should be a patient and reasonable middleman. Resolve the conflict by talking to both parties and establish a compromise. Do not side with your child for the sake of it.

8. Don’t be too demanding. Your maid should always remember her place as the employee, but that does not give you the right to be overly demanding. If you are unable to do a specific task, you cannot expect your maid to be able to do it as well.

9. Don’t let your child be over dependent. Remember, your child spends a bulk of his time in your helper’s presence. Friction between you and your maid is bound to take place. However, the more you let your child be over dependent, the more he will become a spoilt brat.

10. Don’t forget she is human. Remember that she too has feelings and is far away from her family. Treat your maid well. Make her feel welcome and help her befriend your children, and your family will have enjoyable days ahead.


Do you have any addition tips on how to introduce the maid to your kids? If so, let us know. We’d love to hear from you! 

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Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore


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