The Hurried Child: 'Raising a Child in the Digital Age' Lecture Series with Dr. Francis Dimalanta

The Hurried Child: 'Raising a Child in the Digital Age' Lecture Series with Dr. Francis Dimalanta

Can't keep up with the pace of modern parenting? Let Dr. Francis Dimalanta help you and your 'parenting village' raise a child in the digital age.

Moms and dads, raise your hand if this is an all-too-familiar scenario:

You do everything you can to implement a strict "no screen time" rule for your toddler at home (including painfully limiting your own browsing time), only to be foiled by a weekend spent at Lola's house. Now your little munchkin throws a not-so-pint-sized tantrum whenever you refuse to give him the iPad.

We hear you. But don't throw in the towel just yet.

Raising a child in today's fast-paced Internet-dependent world is no small feat, and the old saying "It takes a village to raise a child" rings no less true. In an age of perhaps too much information, parents are caught between parenting tradition and trends.

Dr. Francis Dimalanta, Chief of the Section of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Institute of Pediatrics & Child Health in BGC & Quezon City, shares his expertise and thoughts on developmental and behavioral pediatrics viz. modern parenting issues.

Catch the lecture series this month at co.lab in Pasig. Members of your parenting village - grandparents, ninongs and ninangs, are very much invited.

The Syndrome of the Hurried Child – June 15, 2016

Parents are anxious to keep their child at the top of their game. Children are overscheduled and stressed. It is not a race! Slow down and learn how to let your child enjoy his childhood.

A Real Approach to TV and Media – June 22, 2016

Raising a child in the digital age poses new challenges. How does a child's mind work in front of the TV? Learn about the effects of TV on development and practical recommendations on how much TV is acceptable.

Reaping the Benefits of Reading to Your Child – June 29, 2016

Help your child develop the skills for language understanding and literacy awareness. Learn what books to choose and create a routine of reading aloud to your child. Aside from school success, he  will then grow up with books and a love of reading.

Find out more about the series, HERE.

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