Watch: Ian Veneracion teaches his daughter how to sail!

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Ian Veneracion posted a video on Instagram of himself teaching his daughter how to sail! In addition to being an amazing actor, the father of three is also a licensed private pilot, skydiver, paragliding pilot and scuba diver; a true outdoorsman!

Ian Veneracion just never ceases to amaze us! In a video that he posted on Instagram, he can be seen bonding with his daughter, and teaching her how to sail!

Ian Veneraction is not just an actor

Not content with simply being an actor, the father-of-three is also a licensed private pilot, skydiver, paragliding pilot and scuba diver.

He's also an avid motorcycle rider. Check out the photos below:

And here's Ian paragliding:

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Oh, and did we mention that he also plays the guitar?

His kids also live a very active lifestyle

Of course, Ian's kids also take after him. His daughter, Deirdre, is a paraglider, and also enjoys climbing.

Here's one of her Instagram posts where she's climbing in Iceland!

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She's also an avid motorcycle rider, just like her dad.

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And here's a photo of Ian watching his kids tear it up on the dirt track:


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