Should Parents give Kids Tattoos?

Should Parents give Kids Tattoos?

Do you think it's okay for parents to give their kids tattoos? A couple were recently arrested for putting tattoos on their 6 children. Read more on this story right here...

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Is it okay for parents to allow or give their kids tattoos?

Patty Marsh and her partner Jacob Bartel were arrested for giving their kids tattoos. Aged between 10 and 17, Marsh’s boyfriend gave their 6 children cross tattoos on their hands. In an interview with CNN, Patty Marsh said that she can’t understand why everyone’s making a big deal out of their kids’ tattoos.

Their kids wanted a tattoo, so she and her boyfriend gave them one. She argues that since she’s their mother, she has the right to decide whether the kids’ tattoos are okay or not. But authorities thought otherwise on the kids’ tattoos. Patty and Jacob are now facing charges of illegal tattooing, cruelty against children and reckless behavior.

Do you think Patty Marsh is right in saying that people shouldn’t really make a big deal out of what she and her boyfriend have done to their kids? Did you see the tools that they’ve used? She said that her kids don’t think that she and her boyfriend have done anything wrong.

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