Iya Villania and Drew Arellano are having another baby!

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Iya Villania and Drew Arellano are totally excited about the new addition to their family! Plus, they've also revealed the baby's gender! Read on to find out more!

Iya Villania and Drew Arellano have just announced that they will be having a new addition to their family. And we're just as excited as they are about it!

Iya Villania and Drew Arellano are expecting another baby!

The couple made the announcement during a CrossFit session, where they also had a gender reveal party. Both of them are totally excited about their baby, and they're looking forward to having Primo finally become a kuya!

Iya and Drew were married back in 2014, after being in a relationship for almost 10 years.

They have a son, Primo, who was born on August 30, 2018.

Wanna know the baby's gender?

Check out their Instagram announcement below to find out the baby's gender!

A post shared by Drew Arellano (@drewarellano) on

Surprise! They're going to have another baby boy.


Source: Rappler

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