Iya Villania shares a great tip when buying clothes for kids!

Iya Villania shares a great tip when buying clothes for kids!

The actress and host shared a great tip when buying clothes for kids when one netizen asked her on social media why her son, Primo, "always wears the same clothes."

Following the announcement that Iya Villania and her husband Drew Arellano are expecting another child, the actress and host posted a photo of her family on Instagram. However, one netizen had a "funny concern" about their son Primo's clothes, to which Iya responded with a great tip when buying clothes for kids!

What's Iya's tip when buying clothes for kids?

An Instagram user by the name of @jemarcosses asked Iya, "Why he is always wearing the same clothes?"

To which Iya had a classy and practical response, saying, "This is a funny concern. Kids grow out their clothes fast so I like to keep it basic.

"If you want to buy him clothes then by all means go ahead."

Other netizens supported Iya's response

Iya's followers who saw the comment chimed in and agreed with Iya's response.

One netizen shares, "Those who've never been a mom will never understand. I've let my kid be in those types of clothes kc it's presko... madali mairita mga babies pag wala sa Air-conditioned room #JustSaying #RealityBites"

Another said, "I'd do the same if I was a parent. Teaching your kid the value of simplicity w/c is rare nowadays, everybody wants to show off on social media. Hands down to you as a mother."

It makes total sense. Even if Iya and Drew are celebrities, it doesn't always mean that their son should have a different outfit each time. It's pretty refreshing to see that Iya and Drew are doing parenting right, and they're just as down-to-earth and act like regular parents.

Kudos to Iya for being so practical, and we're totally excited for the new addition to their family!

Source: pep.ph

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