WATCH: Jim Paredes sings popular APO song as lullaby to adorable grandaughter

WATCH: Jim Paredes sings popular APO song as lullaby to adorable grandaughter

Witness a heartwarming moment between Jim Paredes and his apo, Zadie, who is the daughter of former VJ and Sydney-based artist Ala Paredes

Veteran singer and composer Jim Paredes of the iconic APO Hiking society is enjoying quality time with his apo, the unica hija of his daughter Ala Paredes. Though now based in Sydney, the former model, TV host and singer who's now an artist, maintains a close relationship with their loved ones in the Philippines. Their latest vacation gave them lots of time to bond and catch up.

In a heartwarming clip shared by Ala on Instagram, we are given a peek into one of these unforgettable bonding momments: Jim sings a lullaby to his grandaughter. Of course, he chose one of APO Hiking Society's greatest hits, Batang Bata Ka Pa.

"Zadie absolutely loves being sung to," Ala Paredes, who's a stay-at-home mom and artist living in Sydney tells theAsianparent Philippines in an interview. "I sing to her constantly, whatever comes to mind. Her dad loves serenading her with the guitar as well, which instantly calms her."

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"Zadie absolutely loves being sung to..."

Aside from singing Zadie soothing lullabies, Ala shares that she's learned the importance of establishing a routine that provides security and comfort to her daughter, who is just about to turn a year old.

"The biggest parenting skill I've learned is that babies like predictability and routine," she shares, "especially when it comes to sleep rituals. Every night I play the same music and tell her the same story and just hearing the words makes her sleepy."

These two keep the garden of my heart in full bloom. #familyholiday #zadiewankenobi

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Though she's been living in Sydney, Australia for several years now, she misses being surrounded by loved ones here in the Philippines.

"What I miss most about the Philippines is growing up in a warm nest of family, helpers, and friends," she opens up. "I had so many cousins to play with, and there was always a pair of open arms. Nothing can replace that. I hope to give my daughter at least a taste of that sort of upbringing when we go there on vacations."

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