Pagmumura: 6 Ways to stop kids from using bad language

Pagmumura: 6 Ways to stop kids from using bad language

How do you teach your kids positive speaking?

F*** Y**


Even without the full letters shown, we all know what those asterisks stand for. Shockingly, even kids nowadays do too! It is now a norm to hear kids use bad language or “pagmumura“.

They may not hear and learn it from within their homes but can be exposed to such vulgar words by associating with their friends or playmates at school, from surfing the net, or by simply observing grownups.

Children aren’t born with the knowledge of knowing what is right from wrong so our role as parents would be to constantly guide them on how to speak politely.

Take note though that kids are all unique, so you need to consider their age, most suitable type of learning and your own personal values. Here are effective ways on how to correct kids who use bad language.

Tips on How to Correct Kids using Bad Language

kids use bad language

When kids use bad language, teaching them good values is the first step. | image courtesy: dreamstime

1.  Teach them values

Our kids are great learners so we have to be careful on what they see and hear. Some kids may be old enough to understand reasoning. Upon hearing your kids use of bad language, you can immediately let them know that it is impolite because it can become habitual. Teach them the value of being courteous, respectful and its benefits.

2. Use alternative vocabs

As soon as your child is old enough to know the difference between good and bad words, ask them to create a list of the words that are disrespectful. You may also categorize words by level of tolerance.

Why not be creative and come up with witty substitute to curse words like “fudge”, “shocks”,” bang it” etc.?

The sillier, the better!

3. Control your reaction

A strong reaction upon hearing your kids use of bad language like a burst of laughter or anger may cause him to continuously use it to get the same level of attentive response in the future.

You may ignore the bad language and he may realize that it is not the best way to grab your attention and may just forget about it.

4. Implement Consequences

Enforce discipline by consistent implementation of discipline. Provide warnings so your child is aware of what is coming. Your form of punishment may vary depending to certain factors like your child’s age.

Toddlers are sometimes asked to face a plain white wall for five minutes, so they can contemplate that what they did was wrong. Other parents take certain things or remove privileges by setting curfews or removing playtime.

You can use various ways of teaching your kids but make sure that you are consistent.

5. Commendation

Let your children know that they did a good job whenever polite words and pleasantries are used instead of bad language. This way, they see the benefit of being respectful and make them realize that they are doing the right thing.

Make it a habit to appreciate their efforts. You can give them prizes as well! It can be an extra play time, a date at the park or a simple hug and kiss will be a treat!

6.Take the lead

Show them how it’s done. Our children look up to us as role models so we have to be careful on what attributes we display. They copy us because our kids think that we always do the right thing as adults.

If your children accidentally heard you cuss, apologize and remind them that it is wrong.

Moms and Dads, listed above are helpful tips on what to do when you hear kids use bad language. Let us do our best to upbuild them morally and teach them the benefits of positive speaking.

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