LOOK: Kylie Padilla proudly shows off her pregnancy stretch marks!

LOOK: Kylie Padilla proudly shows off her pregnancy stretch marks!

Netizens have praised the mom-to-be for being so open and confident about her pregnancy changes!

Months after actress Kylie fired back at bashers for criticizing her 'dark underarms,' the soon-to-be mom proved that she's fully embracing pregnancy and the changes that come with it.

After she shared an unedited photo of herself, baring pregnancy stretch marks, with a great big smile, netizens praised her as an inspiration to pregnant moms who might be feeling insecure about their bodies.

Kylie shares her pregnancy journey with her fans

The 24-year-old actress, who will be welcoming a baby boy with boyfriend Aljur Abrenica anytime soon, has shared highlights of her pregnancy journey on social media and Youtube, including behind-the-scenes footage of her stunning maternity shoot back in May 2017.

A month later, at 35 weeks along, she shared a video filled with updates of her pregnancy journey so far.

"At this stage, he is moving so much. And when he kicks, I kind of jump when he kicks 'cause he kicks really hard now," said Kylie in the clip that was uploaded on June 29, joking how she feels like there's an "alien in her belly."

She also proceeds to talk about the adorable Little Prince-themed baby shower her stepmom Mariel Padilla threw for her. In the clip, which you can watch below, she also talks about what she expects from the first few days of motherhood and her current favorite mom products, including oil to help relieve itching, that she links to her growing belly.

Now that she's in her third trimester, she also admits she feels heavier and short of breath. As for the first days of motherhood, Kylie admits she believes she will get attached easily, but is looking forward to bringing her baby boy home.

LOOK: First-time mom Kylie Padilla’s beautiful pregnancy journey so far!

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