5 languages your child can learn aside from Filipino

5 languages your child can learn aside from Filipino

Want your child to be fluent in not 2 but 3 different languages? Here is a selection of languages to choose from for your child!

The Philippines is a country with a wide diversity of language and dialects. You will hear some people talking in Cebuano, Ilocano, Waray, and other dialects aside from Tagalog, our Filipino language, and English. As your child grows up, knowing more languages will only open up more doors for him or her.

So, besides the Filipino language and dialects, what other languages will be good for your child to learn?

Global languages your child can learn

#1 French

languages your child can learn

One of the languages your child can learn, French also happens to be the official language of 29 countries. These includes France, Canada, Switzerland, Monaco, Haiti, Belgium to name a few.

Knowing French gives you a mastery of the dominant language in most parts of Africa, as well as learning the official language of international organizations such as NATO, the United Nations, Olympics and the Red Cross.

#2 Korean

languages your child can learn

The K-wave has long swept over the Philippines with the rise of K-pop, K-Dramas, K-Beauty and pretty much everything related to South Korea. Learning Korean will align your child perfectly with all the K-TV shows marathons.

The spread of Korean culture means that knowing the language will give your child an advantage when it comes to understanding the culture and market based of it.

#3 Japanese

languages your child can learn

The common view of Japan includes terms such as Anime, Manga, Samurai and Otaku. There is much more to Japanese culture than those seemingly odd aspects.

Your child will be able to understand the rich culture of an island nation that has once closed its doors to the Western world that it provides an interesting view of contrasts.

#4 Arabic

languages your child can learn

Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries and there are well over 300 million native speakers of the language.

It is also an official language of large organizations such as the United Nations, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Conference, and the African Union. The Arab region is opening up and with it its market, allowing for greater opportunities to be found there.

#5 Italian

languages your child can learn

Italy boasts the most number of the world's cultural heritage sites according to UNESCO (the cultural and educational agency for the United Nations).

Italian is recognized as one of the most beautiful spoken languages on the planet, and most importantly for us. Italian has the highest number of words for describing food!

What other languages will you get your child to learn? Tell us below!


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